The Elite in personal training, nutrition and supplementation. Utilizing only the best methods and techniques, MASSmeltdown can take you beyond your boundaries. Let us help you reach a whole new level of fitness and wellbeing.

Ryan Malo
Head Personal Trainer
Canfit Pro Certified Trainer
What can a personal trainer do for me?
  • A Personal Trainer provides structure, motivation, and can help develop a healthy lifestyle.

  • A Personal Trainer can work with you on developing a personalized training program that will fit your need and help you reach your goals.

  • A Personal Trainer will help you focus on your goals and results. This helps make every workout more efficient and allows maximum results.

  • A Personal Trainer will help you improve training skills by showing new training techniques and ensuring proper form.

  • A Personal Trainer will help jump start you from being stuck in the same old routine and allow you to break through plateaus.

The reason why so many people use a personal trainer is because it works!

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