Henry Van Dijk

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"I am 51 years old and have worked out for 39 years. I have competed in bodybuilding for a number of years and had some success locally winning the Mr. Manitoba in 2002. At a national level however, I've only managed a 4th place as my best showing. This year I decided to give the "Nationals" one more shot. Even though I had used trainers in the past with very limited success, I decided to go with Ryan Malo of "MassMeltdown" as my trainer. This as it turns out was the smartest decision I ever made. Ryan took me from being very out of shape to winning the Canadian GrandMasters title for "2010". Unlike other trainers, Ryan didn't give me a diet and training program passed from client to client. The programs Ryan designs are for you and you alone. Never have I met someone with more knowledge than Ryan. The most important thing though is Ryan really cares and Itís not just about money. If you want to be your best then "MassMeltdown" is the only way to go!"


Danny Lawson

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"Iím 40 plus years old and Iíve been training for over 20 years. Iíve known Ryan since 2003 and when he started MASSmeltdown.com in 2008, I was one of the first to join up with him. Since working with Ryan I have found out that I havenít always been doing exercises the right way. Itís the little things like turning your pinkie that make the difference. In 2009 I decided to take to the stage armed with MASSmeltdown. I competed as a middleweight for the MABBA Novice Bodybuilding show and took the weight class with ease. A year later at the 2010 MABBA Provincial Bodybuilding show, I once again did Team MASS proud by taking first yet again as middleweight champion. I came in more shredded then ever and set the standards for what it was to be considered "LEAN" for that show. I could not have done this with out Ryan and MASSmeltdown. I recommend MASSmeltdown to anyone looking for that edge. Whether its for a competition or just to have an edge on life."


Chelsea Shand

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"Ryan's programs push me to challenge myself with every workout and are designed specifically for MY personal goals. He has given me the motivation to never give up and never settle for anything but my best. His advice and support has brought me into each my shows with my best shape to date every time. I've gone from placing 12th to 6th and I couldn't have done it without Ryan's inspiration. The time, effort and dedication Ryan puts into his athletes, from bodybuilding to bikini is second to none. If you're looking to step on stage, change your lifestyle, or even simply challenge yourself, MassMeltdown is without a doubt the way to go. MassMeltdown is now, and will always be my team!"


Matt Masserey

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"In September 2010 I made the decision to become a competitive bodybuilder, in making the decision I knew I would need a personal trainer. I took a month of online researching and getting opinions from other bodybuilders at the gym. Then Henry Van Dijk whom just won the Canadian nationals grand masters, highly recommended Ryan Malo of 'MassMeltdown' gave me his business card and said, 'he is the best period.' I gave Ryan a call the next day, best decision I have ever made. I had really high expectations set for Ryan and he exceeded all of them, always on top of everything always a text or phone away with any questions or concerns, only wanting the best for his clients all that he ask is do what he says and trust him. I have Ryan to thank for the complete professional guidance and wisdom he gave to me throughout my journey to placing 1st in the Light Heavyweight category at the MABBA Novice Championships. If you want to be at your best at showtime Massmeltdown is second to none!"


Mark Abboud

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"I just turned 40 and my goal to compete would not have been possible without Ryan Malo as my trainer. Ryan made everything so easy, all he required was to follow his direction and have complete, unquestionable faith in his knowledge, and put in the hard work at the gym. He was always available for guidance, kept it clear and concise and didn't hold back to give me a kick in the ass if i needed one! He was there every step of the way when it came to diet, training and supplementation, he's always got an answer. thanks Ryan and MASSmeltdown for an unforgettable and rewarding experience."


LauraLee Bater
2013 Provincials Women's Figure Grand Masters Champ
2 x National Competitor

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"I'm 47 years old and a proud mother of 3 children. I would consider myself a no nonsense , train hard individual and look for the same in a trainer. I recently transitioned from my former trainer of 4 years to Mass Meltdown (Ryan Malo). It wasn't long before I realized Ryan means business. Ryan takes his clientís needs very seriously, his methods are effective and professional. With that said Ryan doesn't make it easy, he'll critique you till it's perfect. With Ryan it's do the work put the effort itís that simple. Ryan has brought my physique to a newer level, my best to date....NO doubt! I highly recommend Mass Meltdown (Ryan) to anyone looking to compete or improve their physique. I look forward to training with Ryan in preparation for my next competition. I'm confident it will be better than ever."


Blair Rutkowski

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"I am 46 year's old and have been training since I was a young teenager. In my mid thirties I tried a Novice bodybuilding competition. I placed second and tried at the provincial level a few times, always getting fourth, third and second. I was getting mixed information from guys working out in the gym and really was not getting any better, sometimes even worse. I have known Ryan for many years and I thought I would take it serious and hire a trainer,. He brought me to a whole new level, showing how to properly diet and make gains while getting leaner. Since being with Ryan I have gained muscle mass, become much leaner, greatly enhanced and developed my weak points and won the Provincial Heavy Weight Division and the Masters division. Since training under Mass Meltdown, my overall health has improved dramatically. Thanks Ryan for changing my life and health for the better."


Maegan Marriott

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"After being unhappy for so many years with my weight I finally decided to do something about it. As a birthday gift from a friend I was given a membership to a gym for 1 year. As I started to lose weight on my own and feel great I wanted to take it farther. I decided to enter into my first competition and get into the best shape of my life. Without much support from two training companies I finally found everything I needed with MASSmeltdown. Not only are the plans designed specifically for me, their advice is never generic and his knowledge was far more than I ever expected. As a fellow competitors I knew they would be the best ones to help me reach and achieve my long term goals. I not only consider then my Trainers but very close friends. I have never felt as much love with a team before as I have with Mass Meltdown. Everyone is very supportive of one another and as friends weíve become one big family unit. MASSmeltdown not only knows their stuff inside and out but is a FIRM, HONEST training company. This lifestyle has opened so many doors for me and I am proud to say I am a Muscles by Meyers Sponsored Athlete because of it. I have been training and competing in Competitions for over 2 years and do not plan on stopping anytime soon."


Alex Husseindjian

+ Testimonial

"I am 23 years old and have been training since 16. I had tried 2 other trainers before Ryan took me under his wings. The chemistry between us before he started training me, made me comfortable enough to make him work his magic. What I like about Ryan is the fact that he was always there when you struggled or simply when you needed tips on something. Looking back at what he made me achieve in that one year and where he will bring me in the future, Iím glad to promote him to future Mass Meltdown athletes."


Scott Miner

+ Testimonial

"I had trained, off and on, for most of my adult life. When I got on the Winnipeg Fire Department, I considered physical training part of my job. Looking back over my thirty year career, it probably saved my ass a bunch of times. After I retired, I needed something to do and decided to resurrect my long held dream of competitive bodybuilding. I decided that I needed a good trainer and, after doing some investigating, I decided on Ryan Malo of MASS Meltdown. Ryan impressed me with his range of knowledge right off. He has propped me up when I felt like quitting, he has worked tirelessly to solve any problems and consulted with some of the world's best bodybuilders to get me to my best condition. He has beaten the crap out of me posing so that my stage presentation would bring success and honor to us both. In the summer of 2014, I will celebrate my 59th birthday and, with Ryan's assistance, step on stage at the CBBF Nationals. I would recommend Ryan Malo and MASS Meltdown unhesitatingly to anyone for one very simple reason. He cares. He cares about your health, he cares about your well being and he cares about your success. The bottom line of his business card says it all, "Your goals are our goals". Thank you, Ryan, for being my coach, for being my mentor and for allowing me to become your friend."


Debbie Geisel

+ Testimonial

"I'm 52 and been very active most of my life. Two years ago, I decided to compete and my first show was the Manitoba Novice 2012 where I placed 4th in Grandmaster and 10th in Figure Tall. This show is where I also meet Ryan Malo, who has changed my life. I started training with Ryan in June of 2012. In March at the Manitoba Novice 2013, with Ryan's direction and knowledge, I placed 3rd in Grandmaster and 2nd in Figure Tall. My next show was the Manitoba Provincials where I placed 6th Grandmaster and 4th Figure tall. I plan on competing again in 2014 as National level competitor at the Canadian National Championships. One of Ryan's questions on his questionnaire was, ďWhat is your long term goal?Ē My answer was, ďTo stand on a national stage.Ē In two years, under Ryan's direction, I'm going to reach that goal. He is an amazing person, an excellent trainer and I'm proud to be part of the Mass Meltdown Family."


Wayne Lloyd

+ Testimonial

"I am a 65 plus year old competitor in bodybuilding and fitness. I have been involved in living a healthy active lifestyle for pretty much my entirelife. I have been training with MASSmeltdown for quite some time now and I am impressed with how I seem to learn something new constantly even with my years of training experience. Ryan has had me come in shows looking my best and feeling my best. The support and knowledge he gives makes the real difference in preparing for shows and for helping with your confidence as you walk on stage knowing you are at your best. I would recommend using MASSmeltdown to anyone of any age of any fitness level. Ryan is the real deal."


Helen Ewchuk

+ Testimonial

"My name is Helen and I'm 55 years old. I'm diabetic, have high blood pressure and arthritis in both knees and back. I was never one for a lot of exercise and have tried every diet out there. I met Ryan a year ago and my life has never been the same since!nHe gave me a diet to suit my lifestyle and health needs. Then came the training program. At first, I thought that there was no way I'd be able to do it all, but I started slow and easy. Ryan is knowledgeable and sympathetic to my body's limitations. My workouts are aimed to my fitness level and abilities. Ryan is professional and approachable. He gives me focus, purpose and encouragement and taught me to have fun with exercising. As a result, 1 year later, I'm 50 pounds lighter, my diabetes and BP are under total control and my meds are cut in half. I feel physically and mentally better and am addicted to exercise. I've just completed my first 5 km walk in the Physio Fit Run. This is something that I'd never dreamed that I would be able to do."


George Fountas

+ Testimonial

"Im 19 years old and had a dream of competing since I was 16, I just never had the right guidance. I saw Ryan Malo at my gym and I remember saying wow that dudes big he knows what he's doing. That day i went on his website sent him an email to train some day. After having a grueling leg workout I took him as my trainer and it was my best choice I made for my training. Ryan was always reachable by text or call and kept track of all my progress. You could truly see that he cared about you reaching your goal. He brought me to the best shape of my life, I could have not done it without him. If you want to reach your dreams and be the best you can Ryan can help you get there. He truly cares about his clients."


Mark Komyshin

+ Testimonial

"In 2009 I decided to compete for the first time. I had a friend who used to compete help me out. I quickly found working 12 hours and a shift rotation, dieting, training, plus cardio was the hardest thing I would ever have to do so far. I had major issues with my trainer and at 3 weeks out. He quit training me and I was left on my own to try and figure this whole bodybuilding thing out. I did however end up placing top 5 in the welter weight class. After the novice I wasn't sure if I would ever compete again. This is when I bumped into Henry and he spoke very highly about his trainer "Ryan" and gave me his card. He said to contact him and I have never regretted it since. Ryan made training and dieting stress free, and spent extra attention to my schedule when my shift work began to conflict with progress. The whole experience was awesome. Ryan is an amazing trainer and friend he REALLY cares about his athletes and is always there for u. Thanks to Ryan I made huge personal gains from my first competition, I placed fourth in a very tough welter weigh class. Thank you again Ryan for everything you have done and helped me achieve can't wait to see what the future brings!!"


Kali Kazina

+ Testimonial

"MASSmeltdown has given me the support, determination, tools, and motivation to reach my goals. After attempting to compete in two fitness competitions with other trainers and not quite getting there, I felt that my goals would never be reached. I am proud to say that having Ryan as my trainer is the reason that I reached my goals. He has offered me constant feedback, encouragement, and advice along the way. I went into my bikini competition with the best physique I have ever had. MASSmeltdown was the reason I reached my goals and if you want to reach your goals, you have to join today. MASSmeltdown is not only the best choice if you want to compete on stage but it is the best and only choice if you want to improve your lifestyle and see results!"


Debbie Rotoff

+ Testimonial

"I am a 46 year old mother of 4 and have now competed in three bodybuilding competitions. Getting ready to compete in Light Heavyweight and Grandmasters for 2011 Canadian Nationals I knew I had to step things up a notch and Ryan came highly recommended. With Ryanís knowledge, experience and passion he helped me achieve goals I thought were unattainable. In a very short time Ryan was able to create a relationship between trainer and client with dedication and trust. I truly believe having trained now with RYAN (MASS MELTDOWN) that I belonged on a National level stage; placing 3rdÖ. THIS WAS BY FAR THE BEST CONDITIONED I HAVE EVER BEEN! THANKS TO RYAN."


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