FINAL FOUR by Jenn Lussier

May 26th, 2013

On the home stretch! 4 weeks out today, and I’m really starting to see all the detail to my last year of hard work. The successes, the areas where I know I could have tried harder. The body doesn’t lie. You get out what you put in.

I really like where my upper body is at this year. I can see some definite improvements, and thankfully, with the amount I am (still) eating, I have managed to keep up my strength. I am really starting to see the fibers of my lateral delts, and upper pecs, and have pulled out some nice rear delt improvements as well, adding to a much more developed and rounded out top.

Legs are trailing a bit, though still improved. This is where you can really tell where I mentally struggled. As a woman, it is very easy to neglect legs on the off season. Increased fat storage hides some of the striations that pump me up mentally during a work-out. I don’t see the pump the way I do with say a bicep. Also, let`s face it.. legs can burn like nothing else.. (okay, for me anyways) Next year a major goal will be to more conscious of tapping into that meditative state during legs where I disregard pain and really connect with my muscle on every rep. (`big legs, big legs`)

My final and incredibly joyful thought is: who knew you could eat so well and still lose so much weight!

I have been so happy and impressed with my training plan and the way my body is responding. This has been an amazing prep. It has added to my last four months, not taken away from them. I fully believe this CAN be a lifestyle and not a one-time goal. I feel well and alive, balanced and energetic…and very excited to rock that BC stage!!

Train Hard,

Joining the team

May 10th, 2013

Team Mass is growing all the time and i asked new client Charlene Boyachek to write a little something on her first couple months in. here is what she had to say

When I was given a chance to do a guest entry I wasn’t sure at first. I’m not a competitor, I’m not a fitness expert … I’m just an ordinary girl trying to get in better shape for her wedding. But then I realized there may be some other ordinary people; unhappy with their bodies and fitness levels, unsure of where to start…. and reading this blog. Well, MassMeltdown is the right place to start.

I had been ineffectively trying to lose weight for years and though I would make small progresses, it was short-lived and all I managed to do was maintain or slowly gain weight. After blood tests, doctor visits, being treated for hypothyroidism, seeing a dietician and casually trying every “diet” from low cal, to carb-less, to Canadian Food Guide…. my weight was still not budging.

My first day of wedding dress shopping, I began to realize the full extent of my body image issues and weight issues. I hated all the dresses I tried on. They looked great on the mannequins, but not on me – my stomach looked big, my arms looked soft, my back would squish out. It was hell seeing pictures from that day. Realizing that I didn’t feel good in ANY of those dresses; I just knew that on the Big Day, I couldn’t feel like that. I knew I needed big changes. And help – professional help!

After researching various training services online, emailing their trainers, comparing programs and costs, I decided on Ryan at MassMeltdown. After I ran his name by a couple body-building friends, with positive recommendation, it was official. Ryan took my current information and my future goals and designed a program for me. He warned me it would be a huge lifestyle change. I agreed. I thought I was prepared: “I already eat fairly well and exercise 3 times a week, so how hard can it be?”. Very hard! Do I have to work out more than 3 hours a week now – YES. Do I get to eat pizza & beer whenever I want now – NO. But I’ve learned more about the capabilities of my body and mind than ever before. It’s been hard, but extremely rewarding.

Changes that I’ve struggled with:
• Eating so often – I was used to only eating 3 times a day; starving for hours in between. At first it was hard to force myself to eat so often, now it’s great & I am never hungry
• Getting over food cravings – It was rough, but the day I craved carrots I knew the switch in my brain had flipped!
• Adapting my impression of the gym – it took many, many workouts to not feel out-of-place
• Declining alcohol – I made a choice that alcohol isn’t worth it while I’m working this hard. As a 20-something-year-old, yes, it was weird going to my first social sober but turns out it was still fun – who knew?!
• Food preparation – Vital to success! Must remember to prep & pack all meals
• Social outings – It’s like people get offended when you won’t eat their cookies or drink their booze….?
• Getting those workouts in – After deciding I want my evenings free, I’m still struggling with early mornings but I’m trying!

Changes that I’ve loved:
• Seeing my body weight drop by 10%
• Fitting jeans I haven’t worn in over a year (and they’re loose!)
• Not feeling like a dork at the gym – I belong there too now!
• Moving that weight pin down another 10 lbs or picking up heavier dumbbells
• Being able to make it through a cardio session without feeling on verge of blackout
• Beginning to see food as fuel for the wonderful machine that is my body
• Feeling like there is hope again and that my goals are attainable once more; actually liking my body and being proud of it. It’s still a work in progress, but look at all it accomplished so far!

Ryan is a great coach and despite the distance, he’s always an email or phone call away. He’s always been there when I have a question, am confused, need a substitute exercise or want to see if a fitness-rumour is true. When I’m having a slow or tough week, he is the right combination of encouraging but tough.

I’m thankful I’ve finally found someone who has successfully restored my hope and faith in my body. It feels great to make progress where none was made before. Even though I’m nowhere near the end of my fitness journey, I’ve smashed some goals already and look forward to continuing!


what it takes to make it

February 8th, 2013

written by Jennifer lussier, BC Canada
So we are now in week three of my pre-contest diet, and in the midst of all the things that are going on I am really learning and re-learning one thing… Organizing is king, followed closely by preparing ahead.

Waking up each day and taking each meal as it comes forces me to “re-decide” and need to be motivated too often. When I’m busy, when I’m lazy, when I’m angry or tired this re-decision does not go as well. The key (for me) seems not to be in recommitting to thinking proactively at every 3 hour interval… it’s in preparing for my entire day in the morning, when I am feeling fresh.

When my meals are planned out in advance, and PACKED in advanced, I relieve myself of the need to re-motivate myself. I am set; it’s grab and go. My 2 minute microwave session at lunch is way more efficient and appealing than the 5 minutes it would take to make that peanut butter and jam sandwich…

To make this even easier, I am cooking in bulk. 2x a week I cook all my meat, cut it up into cubes that can be easily weighed and throw them in the fridge. Eating, when I do it this way, has never been easier, and I do not cheat. I have a cooler, with enough icepacks to keep my food cool for 12 hours. I usually will pack one meal more than I think I will need.

I am finding my weakest moments (I have only cheated 2 days out of 17) were when I was out longer than I thought I would be, and did not pack extra food. This may or may not have caused a stop at the late night pizza by the slice joint…

Lessons learned so far:
• Cook in bulk, and store in an accessible manner.
• Pack all meals in the morning.
• Always bring an extra meal, or have a plan for an unforeseen longer outing.

Contest prep sure does teach you a lot about yourself… that’s for sure!!

Catch you next time! Happy Training!


January 25th, 2013

Hey fellow MASSer’s and fitness buffs out there who are reading this. The 2013 contest season is upon us and that means once more the MASSmeltdown X-FACTOR awards will be handed out .
Last year in 2012 we had our very first winner(s), Scott Miner and Debbie Geisel. The duo hit the stage at the MABBA novice show in Winnipeg MB. Scott competed in Bodybuilding and Debbie in Figure but what made them stick out more than just their shape was their age . Both were considered GRANDMASTERS in their categories and even more, they did the show together as a couple.
The 2012 MABBA provincial championships brought to us another well accomplished winner. Rebecca Ricard hit the stage in the Bikini class and was a real stand out and stole the show. She won her bikini class, overall bikini to claim Ms Bikini Manitoba, and also grabbed the attention of photographer David Ford to win his award to be presented that year. With all that it only seem fitting that she was to be the winner of the MASSmeltdown X-factor award as well. Like i said she stole the show.
To finish the 2012 year off the X-Factor award made its way into the Provence of Quebec. The show was Coupe Espior and the winner was Serge Bleland. Serge competed as a master and won his weight division in that class. His dryness and detail at his age was very impressive and was deserving of this prestigious award.
2013 is here and the award is back and MASSmeltdown is proud to be presenting it at the following shows:
MABBA novice March 23rd in Winnipeg MB
APQ Quebec Novice April 7th in Montreal Qc
MABBA provincials May 25th in Winnipeg MB
APQ Quebec provincials June 29th in Montreal Qc
APQ coupe espior (date to be announced)
If you are unsure what the criteria is for this award its simple STAND OUT AND GET NOTICED. This award is presented to the athlete, male or female, that sticks out or shines if you will on stage. So strut your stuff, pose like never before, come in such crazy shape that you will be the talk of the show, and you might be added to list of 2013’s MASSmeltdown X-Factor Award winners.


January 22nd, 2013

It is with great excitment that the TEAM MASS welcome Jenn Lussier. she was asked tell us a bit of her story and here is what she had to say ..
” Today is my 35th birthday and what a great way to start my inaugural master’s year… I am on day ONE of my pre-contest diet! While this will be my second time on stage, this feels like a first in many ways! The first time training under my cousin, Ryan, and with TEAM MASS, my first as a Masters Figure competitor, and my first time competing at the BC Provincials. Read more…

BioX and Team MASS another year

January 18th, 2013

Hey MASS’ers and gym goers everywhere
I have great news, i am proud to say i have resigned my contract with BioX for yet another year .
This great company has supported me and been behind my success for a long time .. 2003 is when i first signed and 10 years later here i am.
I was asked to help keep their facebook page fresh with new ideas, tips and workout. Of course i said yes and i will be writing for them twice a month. Watch for these post here on my blog as well as on the bioX page … so if you haven’t “liked” their page go out there, find it, and “like” it. You will be encouraged to leave your comments so no wasting time.
Let the fun begin … and remember BioX is the best tasting protein out there, trust me 10 years i have been using their product … even if it was free now way i would stick with them if it was “crap-“.

We are what we repeatedly do …. Time to take charge!

January 13th, 2013

Holidays are over now and all the excuses to over stuff your face are gone! We are all human and at some point everyone will partake in the consumption of something that completely goes against the goals set forth. Cravings come from habits that are formed over time and are consistently upheld through repetitive. Most of us make a consistent effort to eat a “shit” meal continuously upholding these cravings and bad habits while all the way complaining how our goals don’t come fast enough and how we want the goal so bad! “We are what we repeatedly do” “You are what you eat” We all know these saying its so few words strung together. Its time we all break this down and live it! This years resolution no more complaining about things only you have the power to change, habit lifestyle and how time is put to use is all our own decision. This year find solutions not excesses, REACH FOR YOUR GOAL AND TAKE IT!!!

written by Mike Schnurrer

going for the PRO CARD

January 10th, 2013

Massmeltdown would like to take the time to welcome Irene Chapski to our Blog page. she was asked to submit a quick few words about what its like getting ready to compete this coming April 27th in Winnipeg, this is what she had to say Read more…

getting it done

December 31st, 2012

i wanted to get a few new topics and writers doing some bloging for me and when i ask Kayla if she wanted to write one she was all over it. this is what she had to say.

“I have never done a blog before, but when Ryan asked me to I was excited… People have been asking me a lot of questions lately, so I figure what better to write about but that ! Read more…

My plan for 2012…

January 15th, 2012

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of making New Years’ resolutions – I’ve written article after article and posted status after status on Facebook about making lifestyle changes, setting new goals and giving yourself a new start ANY day, not January 1st.  I support making new goals, commitments, and challenging yourself to achieve things you may only dream of today.

With that being said, I’ve had some people ask what my personal “resolutions” were, so I will share with you what I’ll call my POA for 2012! For those of you that are unsure, that’s Plan Of Attack…or Action (but attack sounds so much cooler, no?)
I have a few specific things I want to accomplish this year, some fitness related and some not. So here are just a few things I have in store for 2012 along with my shows.

1. Be FIT!
I want to improve my fitness…what do I mean, right? I want to be able to do plyo style workouts without whining or wanting to cry.  I’m pretty fit as is, but I want to start incorporating things like bench jumps, body weight pull ups and many other weight free circuit style exercises since I’m used to training like a bodybuilder. I really want to be able to do pull ups (unassisted) and think it would be cool do do some handstand push-ups…keep an eye out for those ones, might add some entertainment to your workouts! I’ll be taking more fitness classes throughout the year also! I love zumba, and RPM so those two will be popping up in my routines as well as hot yoga to bring back my flexibility!

Between school, work, training and the rest of life’s adventures, I can get pretty busy.  This is my third year competing and managing everything as best I can to keep myself sane while dieting and prepping.  But there’s always room for improvement when it comes to making sure my meals are ready, and putting my school work on top of my priority list when it needs to be…This also ties into my third “to do”.

3. Bump up that GPA!

I don’t care if I have to take aquatics or the most boring course to boost that baby, I’m going to do it.  I’m committing to nothing short of a B in my courses this term and hoping I won’t have to take on anything in the summer, but we’ll know more in April.

4. Inside Fitness Magazine.
Yup.  That’s actually my #1 goal this year.  I plan to compete a few times this season (I’ll fill you in as they come along) and I want to do as many shoots as possible.  I would love to grace the pages of one of my FAVORITE fitness magazines, and guarantee that I’ll be submitting for this years’ Hot and Fit 100!

I’m coming into this year with two great sponsors, Gorilla Jacks and Jackson Springs – both of which I am incredibly thankful for. I can’t possibly express in a blog, note or status update how amazing it is to have such amazing opportunities given to me by people that truly believe in, and support my journey.  I’ve definitely come a long way from the 240 lbs I once was and I will never forget it, but I have such a long road ahead  of me that holds so much – you’ll have to keep following me to that much coveted pro card! One day, you’ll be mine.

Check out the links to visit my sponsors!