October 14th, 2011

2011 Canadian Nationals

Well it is all done…. the 2011 competition season for me is over, and i must say those last few weeks just flew by. This years show was the biggest Nationals show to date … with over 250 competitors, it was stack with tons of great bodybuilders. It was really good to see that the sport i love is growing and growing each year. There were two classes in the mens open that had over 20 competitors, the light heavies and the heavies. The super heavy class which i was in had 13 guys in it… now that’s a lot of beef on the stage at one time… all of us weighing over 225lbs  and one weighing close to 280 WTF!!!  …. i weighed in just under 240 so i was pretty much in the middle and a good weight for a super heavy…. not too big where i would be holding water and still a bit of fat and not too light where i would look over dieted and depleted .

This year was my best ever placing and showing (placed 4th).. i was dialled in perfect and in the morning i was bang on for the pre judging…i will be posting a video of the prejudging on youtube so stay tuned an i will let you know when it its up … might even be able to showcase it on here… i will see what i can do… i had a lot of good feedback from this show.. and a lot of people who were there at the prejudging feel that i was ripped off and deserved first or second based on the fact that my conditioning was better than everyone there and when it came down to it… pose for pose i beat everyone.  Yes my legs are lacking size when it comes to the front shots… but condition was there and they weren’t that off. Read more…

two week itch

September 27th, 2011


                Well anyone who has competed and really stuck to the diet will know what I’m about to talk about… “THE TWO WEEK ITCH”  sounds like something that you get from the mens locker room or toilet seat doesn’t it. What im talking about here is the feeling and aggravation that comes with being this close to a contest and you begin to lose access water and you have now lowered your carbs to the point where your whole body aches and is fatigued beyond belief. Your skin crawls and you can no longer sleep for any longer than 2 hours at max before you have to go pee. Not so bad but as time goes on you have trouble falling back to sleep even though you are exhausted. So you are forced to lay awake and if you are lucky enough to have cable in your bedroom you get the pleasure of watching infomercial after infomercial each telling you that you need 250 steak knives or how great the magic bullet is… lose enough sleep and even the most level headed individual will begin to believe that what they are selling is the greatest thing since sliced bread….. ah the good Ol’ crazy final days of contest prepping … how i missed you.. Read more…

sep 21st 2 1/2 weeks out

September 21st, 2011

Two and a half weeks out           

Hey guys and gals…

Things have been going pretty good these past few days… i have made a few adjustments with the diet and i am now taking in all my carbs post workout… 50g of carbs(1 cup of jasmine rice) is all i get… still having my BioX power whey isolate first thing in the AM        and then switching from egg whites chicken and fish.

Among the diet changes there have been a few adjustments in supplements in an attempt to lose a little bit of excess water. Currently sitting at 266lb in the am today i feel great.  Read more…

I’m back

September 15th, 2011

Three and a half weeks till game time.

Hey guys … sorry that i have been MIA for a few weeks… things on my end have been a little crazy these past few weeks…  new clients that need their programs set up and competitors that require a little extra attention during their final few weeks of prep..

Since the last Blog i have been to Toronto to watch Kali Rock the stage in her first show and she competed in the WBFF bikini category.  I was very proud of her and the hard work that she put in to get to where she was… and happy to say that she now has the “BUG” to continue with this great sport and compete next year 2012.  Traveling and dieting is something that i am very familiar with, but traveling and being in the middle of a contest prep, well that was a whole new experience for me….but i did manage to pack all my food that i needed and even went as far as going to walmart to buy a microwave in order to be able to eat a hot meal…. a fridge would have been nice but i made a recycling bin and a whole lot of ice work for the two days that i was going to need to keep my food cold.  There was a gym close to where i was staying LA fitness i believe it was called and for the weekend that would be my office… Read more…

Peak Week – Henry’s final days!

August 28th, 2011

I missed my blog last week – I had to work Sat. and Sun. meaning as of today I’ve worked 13 days straight. The only thing I’ve been doing for the last while is train, work, eat and sleep.

I have to say this show I’ve been sleeping lots, at least 10 hrs. a day.  My days consist of getting up at 630 am, going for 1 hr power walk with my 4 dogs, having breakfast, working out for 1.5 hrs with 30 min cardio post workout.  I then go home to have my second meal taking a 2 hr. nap getting up, eating my 3rd meal then working from 3pm to 11pm. I get home and to bed by 1130 pm and repeat the whole thing again the next day.

Ah what a thrilling life I live but guess what… I love what I do. Someone asked me in the gym if I had fun getting ready for this show and although I never looked at contest prep as fun I have to say hell yes it was fun. I woke up this morning 1 week out from the show and I could finally see the striations on my glutes clearly. I’m ready to rock.

Ryan had me only lower my Daily carbs. from 300 to 250 as at this slightly lower amount I was still getting tighter. No carb depletion for the old man this year. My workouts have been awesome with no drops in strength levels and great intensity I love training hard.

I guess anther peeve of mine is people who like to have 2 hr conservations at the gym with a meaningless set thrown in once in a while. The gym is my church and didn’t your mother ever tell you it’s not polite to talk in church. I’m very stoked for this show I have the best trainer in my corner, my wife Darlene has been supportive and I stuck to my diet and trained my ass off. So no matter how I place in the show my head will be held high cause I know I did my job.

Today is my last day of work and I won’t be back for 2 weeks so now I can totally focus on my last week of prep. I have to go for now, my dogs are wining as it time for our daily walk. I will be posting blogs every few days now as I start my last week of prep.



August 16th, 2011

8 weeks to the day today…. wow time is flying by. I remember when it was 26 weeks till the nationals and I was saying that it’s not as far as it sounds. Now with it being 8 weeks it’s just around the corner. First though I have a few clients that I have to put before me….3 to be exact. Kali Henry Chelsea are all even closer then I am and they are all looking good and on track.

This week for me has been awesome in the sense that I am in full swing… my meals are planned and always cooked packed ready to go if I need to eat away from home. My training is spot on and at the same time every day. I would say though that the biggest change this week was the cardio that i have added in every day and let me tell you that step mill is a killing machine. So far 25 mins at 56 steps per min is the best that I can do and even at that little pace I still have to take 2-3 30 second breaks to relieve the massive pump in my legs and cramps in my calves. Read more…

3 weeks out – Time to turn PRO!

August 15th, 2011


Back again for my lowdown on my  prep. for North Americans. Less than 3 weeks till I’m on stage again. I have to say this week was hard especially at the end of the week. I was extremely tired – I guess all those 12 hr. shifts coupled with training and dieting finally made me hit the wall. This week I plan on working a normal 8 hrs. per day and getting more rest instead of the 5 or 6 hrs. of sleep I’ve been getting.
I have to say I still got some great workouts in even though I had to dig deep within myself to train hard. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to train hard especially before a show but that’s what makes the difference between a wanna be and a true bodybuilder.
I woke up this morning and weighed my self  - 230 on a empty stomach, up 6 lbs. from last week. Let me tell you, I could feel the panic setting in. I didn’t cheat, or go hard carbs and was wondering what the hell was going on. First thing I did was text my trainer Ryan and send pics. Ryan got back to me and told me that I had put on some good size and was bang on track. I was picturing no carbs for a week. Ryan told me to still have my high carb day of 500 grams.  Looking at this mornings pics I can say that I am fuller and harder than last week so it’s all good.  I also slept all day Sat. and the only thing I did was my hr. dog walk, train arms and do my post workout cardio.
I can hardly wait to get on stage. I thank my lucky stars for having Ryan as my trainer because you can bet your last dime that if it wasn’t for him I would be doing something very stupid because of the weight gain. I once again can’t stress how important it is to have a good trainer like Ryan. Well I’m going now taking the wife and grandson to see the new Planet of the apes. Keep living the life style

9 weeks …..

August 7th, 2011

9 WEEKS and still going strong.

MIA…Yup, sorry guys and gals!  Things have been a little crazy these past few weeks. I have some new clients and getting a few exciting clients ready to rumble while also looking at new business mergers and business endeavours has taken up a bit of time… Still training my butt off though, so don’t you worry about that one. I have taken to the stair climber quite well and I can do 20 solid mins on that bad boy. I would like to work my steps per minute up to 60 but for now 50-52 will have to do. Man do you ever get a burn in the ol’ glutes. 

Even though I have been crazy busy both at home and in the gym I did manage to get my first tattoo done.  It says “Mabella Joyce” with 31-03-10 (her birthday). Even though I had to take a day off the gym the next day it was well worth it and I sure made up for it this weekend, by doing a few double and triple days training.

So what’s new with the diet…? well I have taken my carbs down from 300 daily to 200g and then every 5 days I will up or “load” with 600g of clean carbs – rice, oats, potato and rice cakes are what I get to stuff my face with on those days. However, with the lower carbs I did add in some fats in the form of unsalted nuts. Crushed up, 2 tablespoons to my salads for my last two meals.  In addition to the fats I have introduced L-carnatine at 4000-5000mg per day…This is to allow the body to burn fat for fuel.  I will let you know how this is working out for me. Read more…

Henry Dijk – 5 Weeks to go…

July 25th, 2011
Last week Ryan was in town so I caught a workout with him. First let me say that Ryan looks amazing and is as big as a house. I feel like a little kid standing beside him and I’m 225 close to contest shape. I thank the lord every day that I don’t have to compete against him caused I’d get squashed like a little bug. Ah sometimes being 50+ has it’s advantages.
Well I’m going to rest now as it’s only 5 weeks to show time and I have anther long hard week to get through..

Anyhow, the delt workout I did with him was unreal! I’m not going to get into details on the workout, you’ll have to train with Ryan to find out but all I can say the lbs. were light yet the workout was so intense that I couldn’t raise my arms. I learned some new training techniques and have incorporated them into my workouts. I am very tired today as I worked 72 hrs this week! Thank god for my wife Darlene who has been very supportive and cooks all my meals. I’m happy with what Ryan is doing with me and is the only person I trust to train me. I have to say I know I work and train hard but without Darlene or Ryan in my corner none of this would be possible so I take my hat off to both of them and give you two a very big thank you.

11 weeks and counting

July 24th, 2011


Wow time is just flying by!  I remember when it was 20 something weeks out and I was saying how close it was then.  11 weeks.. .that’s 11 more back days chest shoulder and arm days. As for legs, I hit twice per week so I have 22 of those bad boys left. 

I’m happy with the way things are tightening up this week… I have seen major changes in the way that I look and how much harder i am. Veins are coming out on the legs and I am getting even more vascular in the upper body so this is great on the ego.

My weight hasn’t moved too much, I’m still in the low 260’s in the am and seem to hold the weight not to bad during the day. Water is dropping as I have upped my water intake and cut back a bit more on the diet drinks and crystal light.

Training, believe it or not is right on.  In fact I’m getting stronger as the weeks go on which is a nice twist on things as most of the time with contest prepping it seems to go down.  For the last ten weeks out I will be acquiring the help of a trainer named Marc from Progym who will help motivate and push me. It comes with a price tag that is very reasonable and well worth it. I know he will make me work. I will meet him 5 days a week at 1pm. Read more…