FINAL FOUR by Jenn Lussier

May 26th, 2013 Written By RyanMalo RyanMalo

On the home stretch! 4 weeks out today, and I’m really starting to see all the detail to my last year of hard work. The successes, the areas where I know I could have tried harder. The body doesn’t lie. You get out what you put in.

I really like where my upper body is at this year. I can see some definite improvements, and thankfully, with the amount I am (still) eating, I have managed to keep up my strength. I am really starting to see the fibers of my lateral delts, and upper pecs, and have pulled out some nice rear delt improvements as well, adding to a much more developed and rounded out top.

Legs are trailing a bit, though still improved. This is where you can really tell where I mentally struggled. As a woman, it is very easy to neglect legs on the off season. Increased fat storage hides some of the striations that pump me up mentally during a work-out. I don’t see the pump the way I do with say a bicep. Also, let`s face it.. legs can burn like nothing else.. (okay, for me anyways) Next year a major goal will be to more conscious of tapping into that meditative state during legs where I disregard pain and really connect with my muscle on every rep. (`big legs, big legs`)

My final and incredibly joyful thought is: who knew you could eat so well and still lose so much weight!

I have been so happy and impressed with my training plan and the way my body is responding. This has been an amazing prep. It has added to my last four months, not taken away from them. I fully believe this CAN be a lifestyle and not a one-time goal. I feel well and alive, balanced and energetic…and very excited to rock that BC stage!!

Train Hard,

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  1. Scott Miner says:

    I know Jenn. I keep hear from other competitors how they are starving. I could barely keep up with what Ryan told me to eat and I just kept getting harder.

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