April 22nd, 2013 Written By RyanMalo RyanMalo

i have had this blog entry for 2 weeks and with all the preping i have been doing for clients i forgot to post it . im sorry jen …

Hello Everyone!
So I am 11.5 weeks away from the BC Provincials and pre-contest prep is fully underway!

This is when my blood really starts to get going, when I really feel that hunger…you know the one… the one where dinner is on its way, you can smell it from the kitchen, and your mouth starts to water… All distractions are secondary to the single minded focus on getting this done the BEST way I can.

People will say to me that this must be hard, I must feel so deprived, but that is SO very opposite of how I feel at this stage in the game. I feel like I am on top of the world. That I have claimed it as mine, and I will direct it as I choose. My body is shedding its “insulation” and revealing the gift of this year’s hard work. My diet is clean which levels my moods, keeps my head clear, and is allowing my body to function as it should.

And then there is the shopping….Ladies (okay, and men), this is more fun than any other event you could prep for! First of all, I am ROCKEN the spring outfits (its already 23C here.. sorry rest of Canada), I get to pick a photographer and what kind of photos to take, a suit designer, a makeup artist, a tanning company… and bikinis… oh yes.. the bikinis….

This is the best sport in the world, the best community in the world, and the best ME I could have every hoped for. Training is not just lifting. Its life. Its positive messaging, having role models who broke the mold, choosing the good, pushing past the pain, determination through the dry spells, it’s getting back up, it’s not being afraid to fall. It’s encouraging each other to find the immense happiness on the other side of our fears, it’s knowing that we all have a story but that story doesn’t need to define our present or our future. It is writing our best story now.
I am so very excited to be reppin’ Team Mass at the BC Provincials this year, and am very honored to have Ryan’s very personal and knowledgeable guidance along every step of the way. Thanks Coach!

Train Hard!

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