what it takes to make it

February 8th, 2013

written by Jennifer lussier, BC Canada
So we are now in week three of my pre-contest diet, and in the midst of all the things that are going on I am really learning and re-learning one thing… Organizing is king, followed closely by preparing ahead.

Waking up each day and taking each meal as it comes forces me to “re-decide” and need to be motivated too often. When I’m busy, when I’m lazy, when I’m angry or tired this re-decision does not go as well. The key (for me) seems not to be in recommitting to thinking proactively at every 3 hour interval… it’s in preparing for my entire day in the morning, when I am feeling fresh.

When my meals are planned out in advance, and PACKED in advanced, I relieve myself of the need to re-motivate myself. I am set; it’s grab and go. My 2 minute microwave session at lunch is way more efficient and appealing than the 5 minutes it would take to make that peanut butter and jam sandwich…

To make this even easier, I am cooking in bulk. 2x a week I cook all my meat, cut it up into cubes that can be easily weighed and throw them in the fridge. Eating, when I do it this way, has never been easier, and I do not cheat. I have a cooler, with enough icepacks to keep my food cool for 12 hours. I usually will pack one meal more than I think I will need.

I am finding my weakest moments (I have only cheated 2 days out of 17) were when I was out longer than I thought I would be, and did not pack extra food. This may or may not have caused a stop at the late night pizza by the slice joint…

Lessons learned so far:
• Cook in bulk, and store in an accessible manner.
• Pack all meals in the morning.
• Always bring an extra meal, or have a plan for an unforeseen longer outing.

Contest prep sure does teach you a lot about yourself… that’s for sure!!

Catch you next time! Happy Training!