January 22nd, 2013 Written By Mass Meltdown Mass Meltdown

It is with great excitment that the TEAM MASS welcome Jenn Lussier. she was asked tell us a bit of her story and here is what she had to say ..
” Today is my 35th birthday and what a great way to start my inaugural master’s year… I am on day ONE of my pre-contest diet! While this will be my second time on stage, this feels like a first in many ways! The first time training under my cousin, Ryan, and with TEAM MASS, my first as a Masters Figure competitor, and my first time competing at the BC Provincials.

I am out of the gate and anticipating this 2013 competition season… watching friends shed the off-season pounds and reveal what they have done over the last year, seeing the full realization of all of my hard work this year in the gym. I am excited for the new friends I will meet and the opportunities I will have to offer support and inspiration as well.

I have realized that living this dream is a full circle experience if you let it be. For me…it has allowed me to prove to myself my resolve, my ability to mold my life, and not have it mold me. It has proved to me what health and vitality should feel like. It has shown my children how they can live a focused, goal driven life, and that they can do what they choose. And hopefully it proves to people who watch me that you DO NOT have to have the “perfect scenario” to do this.

In the past I was overweight, formerly on antidepressants. I am a single mother of three boys who communtes 2.5 hours a day to her full time job. If you are reading this, considering whether or not to do a show…please continue to watch me, and if .. WHEN I do this.. let it tell you that maybe you can too J ”

Cheers, and stay tuned!
Jenn Lussier

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