We are what we repeatedly do …. Time to take charge!

January 13th, 2013 Written By Mass Meltdown Mass Meltdown

Holidays are over now and all the excuses to over stuff your face are gone! We are all human and at some point everyone will partake in the consumption of something that completely goes against the goals set forth. Cravings come from habits that are formed over time and are consistently upheld through repetitive. Most of us make a consistent effort to eat a “shit” meal continuously upholding these cravings and bad habits while all the way complaining how our goals don’t come fast enough and how we want the goal so bad! “We are what we repeatedly do” “You are what you eat” We all know these saying its so few words strung together. Its time we all break this down and live it! This years resolution no more complaining about things only you have the power to change, habit lifestyle and how time is put to use is all our own decision. This year find solutions not excesses, REACH FOR YOUR GOAL AND TAKE IT!!!

written by Mike Schnurrer

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