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January 10th, 2013 Written By Mass Meltdown Mass Meltdown

Massmeltdown would like to take the time to welcome Irene Chapski to our Blog page. she was asked to submit a quick few words about what its like getting ready to compete this coming April 27th in Winnipeg, this is what she had to say

“I have at least one person a day coming up to me and asking how I wake up everyday at 4 am and get my day started with a workout, my answer is always the same… I love it!
Then it’s the next Question that they couldn’t do the diet how do you do it? I always laugh… I thought to myself neither could I, and told them that my weakness is cookies, baking, pizza and burgers just like anyone else wanting those types of foods. Then OMG December hit, over load at work with clients bringing in chocolates, cookies and baking… I thought I was defeated.. I thought I had already lost before I won.
I take weekly pictures and I could see it with my own eyes that this was not a good thing… I always say ” it’s not hard!” and December was…

January First came in like a Lion for me… I have not once cheated since December 23rd to now….
I say to myself every morning at 4 am that this is what I want, it’s not a sacrifice. I walk into that gym everyday now and say this is my last workout make it count. I have a lot of support from Team Mass, my Friends and my Family.. and they all believe in me.
I know as days go by it is so much easier with the food! It feeds your body to build. The workouts now I push as hard as I can, and if it’s not hard enough, I do one more set.
I believe that 2013 will be the best year of my life! And I thank everyone for there support.. It’s never to hard if you want something bad enough.. It’s all body, mind and soul.. this is my passion.
Always Happy to share what I believe in…
Irene Chapski “

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