BioX and Team MASS another year

January 18th, 2013 Written By RyanMalo RyanMalo

Hey MASS’ers and gym goers everywhere
I have great news, i am proud to say i have resigned my contract with BioX for yet another year .
This great company has supported me and been behind my success for a long time .. 2003 is when i first signed and 10 years later here i am.
I was asked to help keep their facebook page fresh with new ideas, tips and workout. Of course i said yes and i will be writing for them twice a month. Watch for these post here on my blog as well as on the bioX page … so if you haven’t “liked” their page go out there, find it, and “like” it. You will be encouraged to leave your comments so no wasting time.
Let the fun begin … and remember BioX is the best tasting protein out there, trust me 10 years i have been using their product … even if it was free now way i would stick with them if it was “crap-“.

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