January 25th, 2013

Hey fellow MASSer’s and fitness buffs out there who are reading this. The 2013 contest season is upon us and that means once more the MASSmeltdown X-FACTOR awards will be handed out .
Last year in 2012 we had our very first winner(s), Scott Miner and Debbie Geisel. The duo hit the stage at the MABBA novice show in Winnipeg MB. Scott competed in Bodybuilding and Debbie in Figure but what made them stick out more than just their shape was their age . Both were considered GRANDMASTERS in their categories and even more, they did the show together as a couple.
The 2012 MABBA provincial championships brought to us another well accomplished winner. Rebecca Ricard hit the stage in the Bikini class and was a real stand out and stole the show. She won her bikini class, overall bikini to claim Ms Bikini Manitoba, and also grabbed the attention of photographer David Ford to win his award to be presented that year. With all that it only seem fitting that she was to be the winner of the MASSmeltdown X-factor award as well. Like i said she stole the show.
To finish the 2012 year off the X-Factor award made its way into the Provence of Quebec. The show was Coupe Espior and the winner was Serge Bleland. Serge competed as a master and won his weight division in that class. His dryness and detail at his age was very impressive and was deserving of this prestigious award.
2013 is here and the award is back and MASSmeltdown is proud to be presenting it at the following shows:
MABBA novice March 23rd in Winnipeg MB
APQ Quebec Novice April 7th in Montreal Qc
MABBA provincials May 25th in Winnipeg MB
APQ Quebec provincials June 29th in Montreal Qc
APQ coupe espior (date to be announced)
If you are unsure what the criteria is for this award its simple STAND OUT AND GET NOTICED. This award is presented to the athlete, male or female, that sticks out or shines if you will on stage. So strut your stuff, pose like never before, come in such crazy shape that you will be the talk of the show, and you might be added to list of 2013’s MASSmeltdown X-Factor Award winners.


January 22nd, 2013

It is with great excitment that the TEAM MASS welcome Jenn Lussier. she was asked tell us a bit of her story and here is what she had to say ..
” Today is my 35th birthday and what a great way to start my inaugural master’s year… I am on day ONE of my pre-contest diet! While this will be my second time on stage, this feels like a first in many ways! The first time training under my cousin, Ryan, and with TEAM MASS, my first as a Masters Figure competitor, and my first time competing at the BC Provincials. Read more…

BioX and Team MASS another year

January 18th, 2013

Hey MASS’ers and gym goers everywhere
I have great news, i am proud to say i have resigned my contract with BioX for yet another year .
This great company has supported me and been behind my success for a long time .. 2003 is when i first signed and 10 years later here i am.
I was asked to help keep their facebook page fresh with new ideas, tips and workout. Of course i said yes and i will be writing for them twice a month. Watch for these post here on my blog as well as on the bioX page … so if you haven’t “liked” their page go out there, find it, and “like” it. You will be encouraged to leave your comments so no wasting time.
Let the fun begin … and remember BioX is the best tasting protein out there, trust me 10 years i have been using their product … even if it was free now way i would stick with them if it was “crap-“.

We are what we repeatedly do …. Time to take charge!

January 13th, 2013

Holidays are over now and all the excuses to over stuff your face are gone! We are all human and at some point everyone will partake in the consumption of something that completely goes against the goals set forth. Cravings come from habits that are formed over time and are consistently upheld through repetitive. Most of us make a consistent effort to eat a “shit” meal continuously upholding these cravings and bad habits while all the way complaining how our goals don’t come fast enough and how we want the goal so bad! “We are what we repeatedly do” “You are what you eat” We all know these saying its so few words strung together. Its time we all break this down and live it! This years resolution no more complaining about things only you have the power to change, habit lifestyle and how time is put to use is all our own decision. This year find solutions not excesses, REACH FOR YOUR GOAL AND TAKE IT!!!

written by Mike Schnurrer

going for the PRO CARD

January 10th, 2013

Massmeltdown would like to take the time to welcome Irene Chapski to our Blog page. she was asked to submit a quick few words about what its like getting ready to compete this coming April 27th in Winnipeg, this is what she had to say Read more…