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December 31st, 2012 Written By RyanMalo RyanMalo

i wanted to get a few new topics and writers doing some bloging for me and when i ask Kayla if she wanted to write one she was all over it. this is what she had to say.

“I have never done a blog before, but when Ryan asked me to I was excited… People have been asking me a lot of questions lately, so I figure what better to write about but that !
12 weeks away from stepping on stage and I couldn’t be more motivated! Each day is one step closer to the show and the excitement keeps building ! 3rd times a charm they say … And I will prove that statement correct this year :) lately a lot of people have been asking me how / why I do this …. I can’t really give an answer ….. How do I do it ? I have no clue ! I am motivated and dedicated , some how I am very discipline and I just keep thinking how amazing it will feel to step on stage knowing I did the very best I could !
My biggest challenge has always been the diet, others seem the find that the easy part …. The cravings, the boredom of eating the same thing everyday and the constant temptations. This year I just keep in mind that its just food … It will all still be there once I’m able to eat it … And I know once I’m aloud to eat it I won’t want it !! Its 99% mental !
Dieting is challenging …. Dieting through Christmas is , well, words can’t describe that …. The weeks leading up to Christmas is full of holiday parties , boxes of chocolates , and more baked goods than anyone knows what to do with …. It’s like a test , everyday ! And everyday I didn’t cave and saw my body changing it was a huge reward !! I did indulge for Christmas dinner and found myself in a food coma for the rest of the evening … Well worth it id say !
In 4 weeks I go to Mexico for two amazing weddings and I couldn’t be more excited ! It will be a nice escape from reality, I plan to continue my workouts on my resort as well as running on the beach for cardio beats my treadmill in the basement anyday ! I am really looking forward to working out and continuing all of this from Mexico ! This lifestyle is not something that can be turned off and on …once you flip the mental switch to on there is no turning back ! 12 weeks of hard work, and determination will get me to my goal.

Untill next time …. :)

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