Widening the Barnyard doors…

September 23rd, 2012

Hey all you Massers out there! I just wanted to take this time to introduce myself to you all. For those who don’t know of me, my name is Mike Schnurrer and I have been a personal trainer for MassMeltdown.com for two years. As a personal trainer for MassMeltdown.com I have run competition posing clinics, body consultations, created personalized diet and workout plans. I have also been involved in the setup and running of our company booths and promoted the quality and use of  Mass sponsored supplement companies. I was also priveledged to award trophies to athletes during competitions Mass helped promote.

Currently I am a Head Trainer at a gym located in my home city of Winnipeg, MB. In the club I work out of I do all my 1on1 training, body consultations, and creation of personalized plans. I specialize in preparation of athletes for fitness/bodybuilding competitions and photoshoots but I also work with general, weight loss, overall health and rehabilitation clients.

This upcoming spring Winnipeg hosts its annual bodybuilding/fitness competition. Mass will have a booth there of course where we will be promoting our sponsored supplements as well as spreading those Mass lats to widen the doors a little more for all you new Massers to find your way to the light which has become MassMeltdown.com.

Congratulations, Henry! Post National’s Update

September 19th, 2012

It’s Tuesday morning and I just got back from Edmonton late yesterday . I was so happy with the way things went . I placed second in the grandmasters to a gentleman named Frank Greico, but I have to say he was totally deserving of 1st place as he had a better physique then I did. I also must say that I  couldn’t have lost to a nicer guy. There were 15 guys in my class and all the top ten guys showed up in great shape.  I was so happy with what Ryan did with me this year and I was the driest I’ve ever been. I looked better than when I won the Canadian grandmasters in 2010, but unfortunately for me someone with a better physique showed up.  That’s not important though.  What is, that at 52 years of age I improved .  To me that’s what bodybuilding is about. I will continue to work with Ryan as I feel he is the best possible trainer one could have. Ryan was there for me every step of the way and made sure that everything was working like it was suppose to.  One competitor was under the guidance of an IFBB Pro who certainly wasn’t paying too close of attention to his client.  Plus he had him do certain things which just didn’t make sense. When Ryan told me to do something it made sense and if I did have a question about why we were doing something Ryan would explain it to me. I don’t ask very many questions though because I have the upmost faith in Ryan’s judgement that’s why he’s my trainer. In closing I look forward to working with Ryan over the next year and making more gains . I’m back to eating clean after 3 days of eating crap and will take this week off the gym. Next week I start training 3x per week. Monday will be chest, delts and triceps, Wednesdat is calves, hams. and quads, and Friday back and biceps . I’ll follow this for about 6 weeks and then start gearing up for next year. Did I say next year?! I guess I did…oh well.

My recent break up…

September 2nd, 2012

No, I’m not about to bust out a Taylor Swift song and get all emotional about heartbreak and boys that I love to hate.  That’s not the kind of break up I’m referring to.  But just like any other unhealthy relationship, this was one that had to be cut off.  Dropped cold turkey.  I know I’m not the only one with a weakness for peanut butter…to the point where I can’t even have it in my house.  I remember someone telling me to just toss it in the freezer. Well that didn’t help! It’s still there, but now it’s just more of a challenge to get to…and I’ll find a way if I’m craving it.  Yes, I know natural peanut butter can be healthy and will usually have it in my off season diets, but make a point of making sure I get something to substitute it now because it’s too easy for me to measure with my eyes and turn a tablespoon into a heaping one…ok, or two.  So this leads me to my breakup story.  I have cut peanut butter out completely.  It’s been a week today and I have no cravings at all, yay!  Not to say that I’ll never have peanut butter again, that’s just crazy talk.  But while I’m trying to lean out for my Birthday (who doesn’t want to look good on their b-day?!) and Vegas, I am swearing off peanut butter.  I’m going to go ahead and toss almond butter into this split while I’m at it.  So if you’re at my house and you see it, toss it. Take it…but once I put this promise out there it’s game on, no turning back.