Next big thing…

June 20th, 2012

About a week ago I mentioned that I had some great news that I wanted to share but was waiting for the right time to do so.

To those of you that have read my blogs, updates, and rants…THANK YOU for following my prep, cheering me on and making me feel as if you were all beside me for each and every count down that I’ve made over the last 6 shows. SIX shows already. Wow!  I never would have thought that I could do one, and had I listened to the few people in my life that told me I couldn’t or that I was wasting my time…well I know I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I have been SO lucky to have found some amazing friends over the years and have pushed to make some of my dreams come true.  I remember coming across one of Jayme Galloway’s stunning photos a couple of years ago and posting “I want to be a Gorilla Girl one day”…and here I am today – one of the Gorilla Jack athletes, surrounded by a second family that I would do anything for.

I had the privilege of getting to know Chris Garrick after creeping his MABBA card while I was at work selling him an iPhone.  Chris has been beyond supportive of all of my choices as a friend and athlete and offered me a sponsorship with Jackson Springs last winter.  Everything that you do for me is appreciated more than I could possibly say here and I look forward to the years to come and opportunity that you have all helped open me up to.

Now, my BIG news.  Joining my side to help support my competitive goals and fitness endeavors is Snap Fitness! I am SO incredibly thankful to have Tricia and Ted Petz supporting me in my training and all that I do <3

As for my training and summer goals, I am going to be focusing on having a healthy “off season” approach to diet and cardio balance.  I will be running the Dirty Donkey Mud Run in August with the Snap Fitness team WE LIKE IT DIRTY, along with my girls Vanessa and Trish.  It’s a whole new challenge and I look forward to ramping up my training and trying new styles to prepare.

Any tips you want to shoot our way are more than appreciated…and they are still taking volunteers, so if you want to see Vanessa and I mud fight and scream at each other – here’s your chance. I’m totally going to break something, I’m not very graceful and this will more than prove my agility, or lack of.

Post Provincials Plans?!

June 12th, 2012

Yet another competition has come and gone, and the remains of jan tana are almost completely scrapped off.

I’ve had a week to sit back and bounce back into life, or at least try to.  I’ve gone from 2 hours of cardio plus training a day, to taking most of the week off to heal up and rest while catching up with friends and family that I’ve missed the last few weeks.  My cravings have been satisfied, for the most part…sushi, a couple of cookies, Joeys, carrot cake, frozen yogurt to name a few…and I’m ready for some steady routine to start right back up, and really don’t want to have to surrender all my new pre- show lululemon to my bestie, Vanessa <3

Looking back at the last 8 weeks of my prep, I know where I went wrong and where my strengths were.  I sent for feedback from the head judge, Suzie so once I hear back I will put together a game plan for what I have next on deck to share.  For now, I’m going to enjoy the next few months of training and off season diet.  I’ve never NOT had something planned and lined up post show, so this should prove to be an interesting change.

My new diet was sent this morning and it looks pretty good! Lots of food… CARBS, fats and more importantly, BEEF baby!  The goal right now is to stay under 165 off season and maintain that – now a lady never discusses her weight but I’m pretty sure I’ve been so up and down throughout my life that I really have nothing to hide :P I was 168 this morning so these next 2 weeks without cheats will definitely bring me under the 165…I’m hoping to hit 162 and then bring in a cheat day for a meal, or 2.

I’m back to training and focusing on gaining my strength back.  After talking with a good friend about losing strength while dieting down, I realize that I can’t let my ego get in the way and take every workout day by day – the strength will come back…It will…some day…hopefully :P All jokes aside, it’s something we all face when dieting down for a show.  You’re not getting the same nutrients and fuel from your diet that you will when you’re 5 or 6 months out so naturally you push a little less than your personal best.

In January I set out to curl 30’s for full sets of 10 – and I made it.  So this month I’m going to set out to gain enough strength back to do this again.  Along with this, I’m also adding increasing incline dumbbell press to 40’s again.  I was doing this back when I had a carbalicious diet so this should come back with time.

As for that handstand push up, and those pull ups…yes. I’m still working on them ;) No, I definitely haven’t forgotten.