6 left to sweat…

May 26th, 2012

I find myself saying “time flies” more and more these past few days, than ever before.  I only have 6 days left of cardio, which also leaves me with 5 for training.  AHH! What happened to 6 weeks? It seems like yesterday I was at Novice helping out at the Gorilla Jack booth, hanging out with the athletes, interviewing the competitors and enjoying what was my LAST cheat meal before next weekend.

Training has been fantastic! I’ve gone straight through without days off – but I had days off lifting that were only cardio.  Dieting hasn’t been HARD but I’ve been starting to crave things the past few days that honestly, I’m getting a little excited for.   After the show I plan on staying on track, of course…but am definitely making a list of must devours!

I lucked out and have most of next week off of work, so I won’t have to worry too much about when I’m going to get in my last sessions and posing practice.  Tomorrow is my last full working day and have a few VERY understanding clients next week that will help keep me pushing strong.

I’ve had nothing but the best of support from my friends and feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by the people I have in my life.  Everyone has been so understanding and I can’t thank you guys enough.  The guys at Gorilla Jacks have been my rock this past month.  A week doesn’t go by that I’m not in there chatting it up with the boys, roaming around the back harassing or distracting Martin and Dave, and catching up with Barry and Marty.  There have been days I just needed a boost and knew exactly where to go…they’ve always been there and always will be for their athletes and anyone else that walks through the door.

The athletes have been phenomenal and we’ve stayed in close contact keeping each other going this whole journey – from a food porn text with Grant, to a Nairn Shapes pose down with Brett, I know I’m never alone <3

The only real issue I’ve been having is sleeping through the night.  I started taking Shut Eye, and it helped quite a bit for a few days and then it was back to tossing and turning :( Last night I tried the same, with Nyquil…and although I may have induced a small coma, I ACTUALLY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! Here’s hoping I found the trick.

Sunday I’ll be meeting up with the Boss, Malo to get my last week plan and diet changes…I’ll be sure to fill you in on the finer details of my carb up and sleep deprivation ;)

28 hours of cardio to go…

May 17th, 2012

Ok, so I know I promised that I would be updating more often, and putting up more blogs but truth be told I’ve been too damn busy doing cardio…no joke!

Now, I’ve been guilty of overtraining in the past, and finally accepted last summer that I’m not a machine…(crazy, right?!) and took some much needed time off to reset mentally, physically and hormonally as best I could.  It took me about a week of being away from weights and training to find my balance again and start back up with the same passion I had when I began with Ryan years ago.  I pushed myself into doing too much and forgot why I was there in the first place, for ME!

With that in mind, I would normally have no trouble busting out 2 hours of cardio a day while training on top of it (even when my training on paper only had me doing about 45 min…) But the second I was told “you’re at 2 hours, 1 in the morning and another following your training” I instantly thought, oh damn.  It took a few weeks to really adjust to the change, not to mention that along with the cardio bump came the carb cut.  Yes, CUT. Not decrease. Total drop. Nearly 3 weeks in I had a carb meal added back in daily and was well on my way to dropping what feels now, like the weight of a small child!

Since April 3rd, (you don’t forget the day you lose carbs, your mind and what begins to be 4 liters of sweat a day) I’ve lost 30 pounds.  That’s a pretty tough pill to swallow, that I had THAT much extra ass to shed…but I’ve never felt better.  I’m leaning out nicely, the boss is happy with my progress and where I sit with 14 days left to train, and I’m excited to see how I come in.  There hasn’t been a show yet (5 to date) that I haven’t come in with a significant amount of improvement so here’s hoping this show is no different.  I can already tell my legs have more size, I actually have a booty now…and I’m really happy with the size my upper body has put on as well.  I’ve come a long way since the first sit down I had with Ryan and was told “you need shoulders, and an ass…let’s take the year to build”.  Once again, there are some things a girl just doesn’t forget :P

Tomorrow is my carb up day and then it’s back to no carb I believe, until a couple days before the show.  It’s going to be a beautiful 2 weeks ;)

Back from M.I.A…here to stay!

May 6th, 2012

Its been quite a while since I’ve written anything about my training, dieting, or goals in general…I really have to get on that again, so here is my promise (yet again..) to keep in touch.

I find myself with nothing more than time to sit and type away right now, as I have to take the day off of training as per my doctor.  I had an issue with a molar and I won’t get into specifics just in case anyone has a weak stomach like I do – but it broke and I had to have the pieces cut out and am currently gnawing on another chunk of gauze wishing it was anything but.

The plan for this year was to compete in World Qualifier, which was this past weekend and at Provincials in June.  As hard as it was, I decided the day before Novice in March to step away from the World Qualifier show and focus on Provincials.  I wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped for and wasn’t being completely honest with myself about it.  It was something I had to accept that I was doing for myself and to not think of what other people would think or say about it.  This sport is something we do for ourselves and should never stop and think for one second how it will impact anyone else.  The mental, emotional and physical discipline that it involves is something that only YOU can control yourself.  I decided not to talk about it around the show because it wasn’t time to put any attention on my choices and I was there to support and scream for my close friends and athletes on their day.

As of today I sit 4 weeks out until the Provincial stage.  This will be my first home show with my new sponsors and I will be tearing it up the booth like it’s my job throughout the day, I’m sure.  I absolutely love the rush of show day, despite the few hours of napping I manage to get the night before.

Training is going GREAT! I haven’t missed a session other than surgery day, of course and haven’t skipped out on a minute of my 2 hours of cardio a day.  I have my suits, yes plural in order – I had one for each show (so sad…lol) but that only means I have 2 amazing Tanya Theberge designs to choose from to rock for your all.  The new peeler heels (peeler, stripper…yeah, that’s right) I ordered before my Vegas show in September came in 4 days AFTER I came back home so those need to be broken in still, and I’ll start posing tomorrow night after legs…wish me luck and cross your everything in hopes that I don’t bail from exhaustion or break my ankle, knowing how accident prone I am ;)

I’ve competed with a fractured foot though so I’m ready for anything!

That’s it for tonight though. Off to cook, clean and get ready for my 14 hour day tomorrow :)