Team MASS welcomes Scott Miner…

April 30th, 2012

After competing in the Gorilla Jack Novice Championships in March 2012, and winning the MASSMeltdown X-Factor award, along with his girlfriend Debbie, Scott decided to make the switch to Team MASS.

I have become great friends with Scott and was interested in finding out exactly how he became the Grand Master champ he is today, and part of our MASS family.

I started training when I was twenty years old. I was between jobs and a neighbour of mine was working at European Health Spa. He said I could get a job there, so I did. It wasn’t a bad gig. It was basically selling memberships which it turned out I was good at and helping people exercise. I started training myself and really liked it. I didn’t see much of a future at the spa so I applied for the fire department. I got that job too and then considered it part of my job to lift weights. The bigger and stronger you are, the easier that job is. Being as strong as I am actually saved my life a couple of times and let me do things other people couldn’t. I trained at World for years. When that shut down, I went to Fort Rouge Leisure Center mostly because we got it for free from the City. There I met Naeem, he was training people there and suggested that I do a show. By that time, I had “outgrown” Fort Rouge in terms of weights and joined Shapes. I met some wonderful people there who encouraged and guided me in my ambitions to do a show. Aaron Aramini offered to help me get ready and I gratefully accepted. Differences in our personalities got in the way eventually and I continued on my own with the help of some of my new friends. I was successful, by my standards, at the show winning first place in Grand Master and third place in Super Heavyweight. I decided to do the Provincials and went looking for a new trainer. I asked around and talked to people that I trusted. Ryan Malo got good reviews from the people that I asked but it was my friend, Chelsea, who tipped the scales in his favor. We have only been working together for a short time now but I am impressed by his demeanor and his knowledge. I am progressing nicely under his tutelage and I am confident that I will be successful at this show as well. As far as my future plans go, I don’t know. I might do the Nationals next year if I do well at the Provincial but at my age, I can’t see going much further than that. I will train for the rest of my life. Bodybuilding is in me and that is that. I loved the competition and made many more new friends back stage. It was a totally positive experience for me and I look forward to a similar one at the Provincials.

Gary Demoskoff – March MASSlete of the month!

April 20th, 2012

As our team continues to grow and expand, I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know more and more about our newest athletes. Mike Schnurrer has been on the team for a number of years now, and has been training Gary Demoskoff for a while.

Gary came to Novice with such enthusiasm and energy;  you couldn’t help but feed off of it!  He walked away with 3rd place in Masters, and 2nd place in his weight class – lightweights.  Check out his story on how he fell in love with the team, the stage and the lifestyle.

Well I am 43 years young and I never thought I would accomplish such a dramatic makeover by bodybuilding, that many people have only dreamed of.
A tough past can drain the life out of you, but when you think of it, that draining has now overflowed into a lifestyle of being a body builder. Here’s my story.
Over 2 years ago I broke my collar bone into fragments that had to be placed back together by screws and a stainless steel curved plate. It took months before I could even move my arm full circle and it sucked. It hurt like hell and my shoulder would droop because of the way it was mended back together and to this day I still have the droop it a bit. This drove me nuts and I had to do something about it. I bought a bowflex from my neighbor and I used this as my therapy. Painful tears would roll down my face but I was determined to have my arm work and look proper again. After six months or so I actually could use my arm about 90%. I had to keep going hard in order to reach that 100% again. I joined the gym and started heavier lifting.
One day I called my good friend Kelly Baldwin who was doing therapy himself after a devistating motorcycle accident to see if he wanted to get together and workout. He replied “sure, lets do the gym tomorrow and I will tell my trainer that your joining us”. Off to the gym I go the next day pumped and ready to do this. I seen Kelly in the gym, I waved,  and then I seen “Him” … the big guy standing over there. Kelly introduced me to this MASS type freak and within minutes we were workin out together. This MASS freak was Mike Shnurrer; a trainer and nutritionalist from Winnipeg MB. I was so intimidated by him and Kelly I didn’t know what to do. I just had to try to keep up with them to show I am just as tough as them. Well, I was not by far to say the least. Grrrr!!!! My body exploded into a rage and I wanted to be, and look just like “Him”.
I got Mike’s number that day at the gym and the rest is history. He is now my professional trainer and friend. I bugged the poor guy so many times about training, what to eat, what exercises to do etc, etc, to the point that his texting buttons were on the verge of a Mass Meltdown. That was 9 months ago, Holy sh*t!! Time flies!!
I was put on a strict schedule and diet and I would meet with Mike training once or twice a week. I wanted results and I wanted them NOW!! I did not fully understand how this worked but after listening and following the plan to a tee it all fell into place. Mike was very patient, professional and he knew I had a heart for this. All he wanted me to do next was to understand this mentally. His ability to communicate and make you feel good about yourself is a gift that he has. After a couple of months of training with my girlfriend Michelle and Mike, I was told by Michelle that we should do the MABBA bodybuilding competition. I said “no way”, and that I would not stand a chance. We talked with Mike and he said “let’s do this because you will love and live this experience like no other experience before”. I said “ok” game on bra, let’s do this. MASS MELTDOWN was now the life I was living. Afer a while the training was going great and the expert knowledgable advice was working. I had results. I was 5 1/2 weeks out from the competition and pumped. All of a sudden one day my lower leg decides to get an infection. Cellulitis set in and I was hospitalized that night for 8 hours receiving antibiotics. I went home and after 45 minutes or so I was off to the hospital again. I had a gallstone pass through my blocked duct creating pancreatitis which was a threat to my health and well being. I had to stay hospitalized for a few days for my pancreas to heal with minimal food intake. I was dwindling away to nothing and worried. I was laid up for 12 days in my home with my leg in the air and going for IV antibiotics daily. I was devestated and was going to quit working out and forget about the competition. My brain was overloaded, I was depressed and then just remembering Mikes’s words of wisdom I decided there was no way I was going to quit!! I got up,  hobbled downstairs to my bowflex and started working the parts I could with my leg in the air. I lost 10lbs in a few short weeks but I started to train harder again after I healed. TEAM MASS was not giving up!! No quitters in this dedicated group of athletes. The competition was in my mind and I was back on track and I gained a few pounds but not quite all of it. Well competition day was now here and the hard work I put in was hopefully going to pay off. Mike gave me the confidence, the courage and the pat on the back to get up there  on stage and “Just do It” and “Have fun”. Well I did just do it and apparently I was the social butterfly in this competition from what I heard. How much more fun could you have by doing this, and wow did I meet a tonne of great people. OMG I was even socializing with the vulunteers at the event!! It was a rush that I know I will experience again one day with this classic team. I won second place in my weight class and third in Men’s Masters and I was shocked that I did that well. Tear’s of joy, a hug from my trainer and two trophies for TEAM MASS. What and accomplishment and what an words sometimes but the memories will always remain the same. Thank you “MASS MELTDOWN” and Mike Schnurrer for making this happen. Every penny spent was worth the trip by far. You are the best that one could have and I feel so fortunate to be part of this team. Mike, this goes a bit further, we have connected and become great friends. Thanks bro!! Thumbs up!!…

MASSMeltdown X – Factor Award

April 4th, 2012

This years’ MABBA 2012 Gorilla Jack Novice Championships was the largest Novice competition to date in Manitoba, packing the backstage area with well over 225 athletes.  As one of many sponsors at the event, MASSMeltdown wanted to make help make this day memorable for one particular athlete that demonstrated that “X-Factor” character.  This award was to go to the single athlete that stood out – phenomenal physique, positive attitude, motivation for those around, and inspiration to others.

We had a hard time narrowing down our top choices but at the end of the evening it was a competition prepping tag team that stole our attention.
Huge congratulations go out to Scott Miner and Debbie Geisel for their amazing accomplishment together.  Not only was it a first time experience for each of them, but they did it along side one another every step and lunge of the way.

To add to the excitement, Scott is also the newest member of Team MASS! Welcome to the family, Scott.  We can’t wait to see what you bring to the Provincial stage.