Getting to know our athletes: Kayla Varey

March 10th, 2012

After months of training, dieting and prep it’s finally here; NOVICE!

I have been just as excited as our athletes have been and can’t wait to see them take home some hardware…but first, you have to get to know our second athlete enjoying her peak week, Kayla!  I’ve seen this girl in the gym tearing it up for years and she’s been a definite motivation for me and I know to many others as well!

How long have you been training with Ryan?

10 weeks.

Have you trained with any other trainers prior to Ryan? If so, what made you change?

Yes, I was training with a different trainer last year for about 7 months.  After my Novice show last year I took some time off.  My boyfriend Mark trains with Ryan and I saw the progress they made together; Ryan is a REAL guy, he is straight up,

doesn’t sugar coat anything, I like that.  That’s what I need when it is time to buckle down.

Have you competed before? If so, when and what show?

I competed last year Novice 2011

What do you find are the biggest challenges while preparing for this show?

DIET, DIET, DIET!!! I could live in the gym, do hours of cardio… but when someone takes away my favorite things it’s tough, It absolutely changes your life.

While on such a strict diet there are so many things you cannot do.

Although I love the challenge and the rewards but the diet is more than hard work.

What have you learned about yourself while prepping for the show?

That I can do anything I set my mind to.  The sky is the limit.

What is your favorite part of training for the show? Least favorite part?

Favorite part – watching my body change! I love seeing my progress and learning all of the different things about my body that I never knew before.
Least Favorite – it consumes your life, spending at least 3 hrs a day working out, not to mention school, work, food prep and what ever little time is left for life itself… prepping for a show is very time consuming

What inspired you to decide to compete?

I have been into fitness and working out for as long as i can remember. I was always too shy or scared or worried to step outside of my comfort zone; once I did and realized what I am capable of I was instantly addicted.

What is a typical day like for you while training? (Work, training, school, family, etc..)

5 am wake up, an hour of cardio

8 am to noon, work

12:30pm – 5, school

After school, gym until about 7:30pm

home to unpack from the day and repack for the next

9pm bed

Who do you look to for motivation and inspiration?

That is a good question. and a tough question….. a lot of different things motivate and inspire me. I could never name just one thing or one person.  Mark is my #1 fan…. he motivates me like no other.  He tells me straight up how it is and is the FIRST to point out any small accomplishment I have made. He has been through so many trying times in his life and he is one of the strongest people I know.  Having him behind me makes me feel invincible.  I am very inspired by Ashley Horner, I would say she has the ideal body, head to toe! Any time I am having a hard day or want to quit I read her words of encouragement or look at her pictures and it pushes me right back where I need to be.

What is your favorite cheat meal? What are you looking forward to eating post show?

I LOVE COOKIES! I am a cookie monster!!!! I bake everything with splenda and take out butter and use apple sauces or yogurt.  I have become a master baker! :) Before competing I never had a sweet tooth… now is a whole other story.  Peanut butter cup cookies…… #1 FOR SURE! ( now I am drooling )

What is your favorite training day?

Shoulders by far!  It usually changes though, depending on what I am working hard on my body to change.  I really wanted to work up my back and shoulders from last year therefor working them out and watching them change was exciting!

What is your favorite clean/dieting meal?

Egg whites!!! I could eat egg whites 6 meals a day hands down! Even in the off season I don’t like to go back to regular eggs! I love Egg whites!

8 weeks out – Diet brain is slowly taking over

March 1st, 2012

Today marks yet another new month! So how was your February? Did you get everything accomplished that you had planned to at the beginning of the month? How did you spend your extra day in the month?

My goals have been plastered all over my Facebook wall; it keeps me motivated and also accountable.  They have ranged from simple things like drinking more water and keeping track of how much I consume throughout the day, to handstand pushups and dumbbell curling 30’s for a full set.  Well thanks to my sponsor, Jackson Springs Natural Spring Water (who just won the award for the World’s BEST tasting water – no big deal ;) ) getting in my 4-5 litres per day is no longer an issue.

Although my handstand pushup goal has kind of taken a back seat, I am still working on building up my strength so when I lean out more I stand a much greater chance at actually doing these…hey, my lower half weights a lot more since I’m so tall, I’m all leg…it’s justified :P

I have hit my goal to curl 30’s for a full set of 10 – yahoo! I’ve also stepped up my dumbbell rows to 55’s.  I’m not doing my sets with 55’s but had no choice one day since the 50’s were all in use…I typically use 45’s for my full sets and 50’s for 10 reps.  My next training goals consist of reaching a new personal best for bench press, and pull ups…unassisted.  I have a friendly contest with a girlfriend in Toronto, Laura to do unassisted pull ups together when she moves back to Winnipeg in May; so I better get on that!

Training and dieting are still going well.  Today was check in day so we’ll find out a little later what the boss has in store for me these next 8 weeks.  A carb up day would be fabulous, and delicious but I’m doing ok without one for now…Amino energy has definitely helped me get through my loooong days and study sessions.

Time sure flies and it never fails to amaze me how quickly these weeks pass.  The Gorilla Jack Novice Championships are in 16 days so right now, focus is on those athletes! I have so many great friends that I have been lucky enough to get close with these past few months competing and I cannot wait to see everyone at registration and throughout the day at Novice.  Come and find me at the Gorilla Jack booth and say hi :)