18 weeks (and a bunch of days) out…

December 22nd, 2011

Yep, another countdown.  It seems my life revolves around them whether it’s how many weeks until another show, how many exams I have left, months left in the school year or days of work left until I’m off.  Another important countdown that I’m sure everyone is excited for of course,  is Christmas! I can’t believe its already here, and I hate to say it but it really doesn’t feel like the holidays.
One benefit to that is that there haven’t been crazy amounts of temptation surrounding me at work, home or anywhere else for that matter. This year I have one big holiday dinner to go to and I’m going to enjoy myself.  I’ve decided to give myself Christmas day and New Years’ Eve dinner and snacks…and then it’s all business.  I’ve put on some size and weight since September and I’m looking forward to leaning out for April.

In the meantime,  I’ve also been doing an adrenal cleanse.  Last year I competed in 3 shows and put my body through quite a bit of stress so it’s no surprise that it’s been fighting back recently.  I’m definitely taking it as a hint to slow down, drop my supplements and let my adrenal glands and system reboot to prepare for this upcoming season.  I’ve dropped my superpump max, size-on, and all fat burners, caffeine etc… and am sticking with Amino Energy to get me through my workouts and morning cardio.  After New Years I’m going to do a detox and get ready to dive right back into dieting.  I’ve started to plan out what my suit for Naturals is going to look like so any advice or suggestions are more than welcome.  Before Vegas I ordered a new pair of heels but sadly they didn’t come until I got home…so its time to break those babies in so you’ll see me struttin around in the fitness rooms in January for sure!
With all this New Years talk I can’t help but think about resolutions – I’m not going to make any specific ones this year but am making a list of the things I want to accomplish in 2012.

This may very well be my last blog of 2011…so with that being said, I hope all of you readers have a GREAT Christmas, New Years’ Eve and go into 2012 with a bang!
I have SO much planned for 2012 and am taking you all along with me so get ready…it’s going to be a gooder ;)


Yup… just thinking and typing

December 11th, 2011

Hey Guys and Gals… well I’m all done my show and its time for the off season.

Just to talk a bit of the Nationals the i was partaking in… i must say that im very happy with the way that i looked and with the way that i performed, but not so much with the way that i placed .. But this is bodybuilding and it is a very subjective sport in which you are on display and at the mercy of a handful of judges and who knows what they want… if you are known to them then you will get the call outs. I came out of nowhere so im sure that i shocked a lot of people .. all i have to say is watch for me in 2012 cause i have a fire under my ass now and you will see a bigger badder thicker RYAN MALO .. Read more…