two week itch

September 27th, 2011


                Well anyone who has competed and really stuck to the diet will know what I’m about to talk about… “THE TWO WEEK ITCH”  sounds like something that you get from the mens locker room or toilet seat doesn’t it. What im talking about here is the feeling and aggravation that comes with being this close to a contest and you begin to lose access water and you have now lowered your carbs to the point where your whole body aches and is fatigued beyond belief. Your skin crawls and you can no longer sleep for any longer than 2 hours at max before you have to go pee. Not so bad but as time goes on you have trouble falling back to sleep even though you are exhausted. So you are forced to lay awake and if you are lucky enough to have cable in your bedroom you get the pleasure of watching infomercial after infomercial each telling you that you need 250 steak knives or how great the magic bullet is… lose enough sleep and even the most level headed individual will begin to believe that what they are selling is the greatest thing since sliced bread….. ah the good Ol’ crazy final days of contest prepping … how i missed you.. Read more…

sep 21st 2 1/2 weeks out

September 21st, 2011

Two and a half weeks out           

Hey guys and gals…

Things have been going pretty good these past few days… i have made a few adjustments with the diet and i am now taking in all my carbs post workout… 50g of carbs(1 cup of jasmine rice) is all i get… still having my BioX power whey isolate first thing in the AM        and then switching from egg whites chicken and fish.

Among the diet changes there have been a few adjustments in supplements in an attempt to lose a little bit of excess water. Currently sitting at 266lb in the am today i feel great.  Read more…

I’m back

September 15th, 2011

Three and a half weeks till game time.

Hey guys … sorry that i have been MIA for a few weeks… things on my end have been a little crazy these past few weeks…  new clients that need their programs set up and competitors that require a little extra attention during their final few weeks of prep..

Since the last Blog i have been to Toronto to watch Kali Rock the stage in her first show and she competed in the WBFF bikini category.  I was very proud of her and the hard work that she put in to get to where she was… and happy to say that she now has the “BUG” to continue with this great sport and compete next year 2012.  Traveling and dieting is something that i am very familiar with, but traveling and being in the middle of a contest prep, well that was a whole new experience for me….but i did manage to pack all my food that i needed and even went as far as going to walmart to buy a microwave in order to be able to eat a hot meal…. a fridge would have been nice but i made a recycling bin and a whole lot of ice work for the two days that i was going to need to keep my food cold.  There was a gym close to where i was staying LA fitness i believe it was called and for the weekend that would be my office… Read more…

Countdown to CHEESECAKE FACTORY…8 days…

September 9th, 2011

I have 6 days left to train…oh boy! I can’t say I’m surprised that 6 months turned into 6 weeks and into 6 days as quickly as it has – time flies as they say… and whoever “they” are, sure know what they’re taking about!

It seems every single hour of my remaining days has been accounted for, except these 40 minutes I have to blog for you while I wait to eat.  School starts on tomorrow, but luckily my schedule this term is pretty amazing.  I’ll have more than enough time to get my morning cardio in Friday and Monday since my classes don’t start until 12:30pm.  I have 4 more working days, all reasonably short with my last being on Monday after school, which is also my BIRTHDAY!  So anyone looking to come out and celebrate with me…can join me for a late night cardio/posing session ;)

I just found out the other day that two of my favorite people and greatest supporters, Martin and Pam are on the same flight as I am, stopping in Calgary then off to Vegas.  This makes me feel a little better about flying but I’m still not excited to jump on that plane.

As for training and dieting, these last few days have been great! I’m not feeling deprived, craving anything in particular or even tempted by the starbucks treats my sister eats in front of me.  I have 8 days left, and 16 cans of tuna remaining until I can enjoy a celebratory meal with my closest friends and my dad – it’s more than worth the wait.  I’ve done this 5 times in the last 18 months, so it’s become routine for me.  Plus, what’s better incentive than knowing you’ll be in VEGAS able to enjoy absolutely anything at any time of the day or night?

While training for every other show I was on my own for the most part while I was in the gym – of course I saw familiar faces every day but was seldom with a workout buddy to help keep me accountable day to day.  This time around I’m lucky enough to have found a fantastic friend and training buddy that has helped keep me focused 100% of the time, especially when I was hit with a 2 week hold up.  Not once did I head into the gym thinking “I don’t want to be here” and I have Brett to thank for that…thanks buddy ;) . You have definitely helped keep my mind focused on my goal and never let me take focus off of it.

Since the show is Friday and Saturday, I’m going to start pro tanning on Tuesday night and get another layer on after my workout Wednesday before I hit the airport.  I only have a few other things to pick up and hope to be able to get this all finished on Tuesday as well.

The excitement is definitely starting to sink in, and I can’t wait to hit the Las Vegas strip once again with my besties and meet the pro’s that I’ve looked up to for years and have motivated me to live the lifestyle I have fallen in love with.  On that note I’m going to end this update here – stay tuned for a final update before I take off on Wednesday, it will no doubt be a “Thank you everyone” emotional update, but I truly do have a lot of people to thank for being there along the way.



Reflecting on North Americans and planning what’s next!

September 6th, 2011

Hi! It’s me just after the North Americans.
I didn’t get the placing I had hoped for, but it doesn’t bother me in the least bit. I looked better than last year when I won our nationals at lbs. heavier and just as dry.  My placing doesn’t reflect on my condition but rather on weak parts, my back and delts. They need work and I have to bring both these body parts up which is what bodybuilding is all about.  You have to think of yourself as an sculpture but instead of working with clay your working with weights to create what you want on your physique. That’s why you don’t go into the gym and just throw weights around in the hope that muscle will end up in the right places.
Ryan Malo always says what makes a real bodybuilder is delts and back and he’s right, you can’t compete with any success without these two body parts being up to par.  So Ryan devised a program for me. I work delts and calves on Monday , Tuesday is for quads and hams. Wednesday is back (width),biceps and calves, Friday is chest and triceps, Saturday is back(thickness) and calves again. So you can see that back is getting hit twice per week but once for width and once for thickness – this allows for a higher number of exercises and still being able to train with both focus and intensity.
Well  I’m sure excited to see what this year will bring because now I have a challenge to bring up my back and delts. and I love to be challenged.  If you didn’t know by now I’m very stubborn and you could even say some what pig headed.  That’s what my wife Darlene calls it and she’s usually right.
Well I’m back to eating clean again.  So far had oatmeal and a protein shake for breakfast and then next meal was egg whites and a bagel.  I ate so much crap on Sun. that it’s good to be eating clean again.
Well I’m off to the gym again, no rest for the wicked . Before I go though I want to thank Ryan for all the help you did an awesome job with me  bro . Amanda who right now is our top Canadian amateur fitness girl and will be getting her pro card in the very near future for the awesome cheese cake and dark chocolate bar and my wife for all the meals she cooked for me which was pretty much a full time job and for the chocolate sponge cake of which I ate half on Sun. yes I as you have gathered have a sweet tooth. But now it’s back to business see you all later.

Two weeks until lift off…

September 2nd, 2011

The most common question I get when it comes to competing or training for an upcoming show is “are you excited?”.  Honestly, I have WAY too much on my mind to even think about getting excited at this point.  There are a few appointments to be made before I leave including hair, nails and pedi, sugaring, and with my phlebitis issue I have a couple blood work and Dr. appointments to squeeze in as well.  The beauty of having competed before is that I know exactly what needs to be done, picked up, bought, made, packed etc.

I’m trying to minimize all the stress of getting the little things together as early as I can – so as of yesterday my appointments have all been made and noted in both my agenda and phone.  Work and school schedules are noted in detail and my workouts are all fit in perfectly! The only thing left to do is throw together my list of things to pack and triple check it all…and of course train my booty off!

My carb deplete diet started yesterday morning, and so far I haven’t noticed a drop in energy but this will most likely change by the end of the weekend.  I weighed in at 161.6 on Monday morning with the goal to hit 157 by this coming Monday, Sept. 5th.  As of this morning I’m 156.4 so I’ve definitely knocked that goal out of the park, and ready for the next one Ryan throws at me.

I’ve been sleeping on average 7 hours a night, and haven’t been crashing mid day at all…hopefully this pattern continues.  With my work and school schedule, the earliest I need to be up for my morning cardio after this Saturday is 9:00am…I have absolutely NO excuses to not get in my full 8 hours of rest, which is a huge help.

This time around my cravings are in check.  I can see the finish line and I know there’s a Katy bar waiting for me once I get there ;)   I also have the motivation of celebrating my birthday in Vegas at The Olympia with some of my closest friends and the people that have been there for me the most in the recent weeks leading up to the show – along with my Dad…and of course the Cheesecake Factory.  What more could I ask for?

To be perfectly honest, the only thing that really concerns me about this trip the flight.  I absolutely despise flying and the motion sickness that accompanies it… but its all mind over matter, right?

Anyhow, I’m off to bed to get my full 8 hours and up early for cardio.  On a final note, GOOD LUCK to fellow Team MASS athlete Henry this weekend at North Americans in Cleveland.  He has Ryan by his side and I have no doubt that he’ll be coming home with his PRO CARD! Kill it Henry.