Confessions of an over-trainer…

July 31st, 2011

After seeing the results form Nationals this past weekend, I can’t help but think “that’s what I want!” That’s where I want to be next year.  Having placed 2nd a Provincials I qualify for Nationals next season and I’m not going to waste a single moment from here on in getting ready.

Now at this point in my training, and this far away from Provincials and Nationals 2012 I need to stop and reassess what exactly I need to do to make sure that I can prep properly so I can give’r full speed, “balls to the wall” so to speak.  As much as I feel it is going to mentally strain me and potentially drive me mildly insane – I need a break.

I have to start being honest with myself and listening to my body.  I’ve been overtraining and denying it for a while now.  As much as I feel like Super Woman and don’t want to stop, it’s best I rest now by choice and not force.  I’m stubborn with taking days off, even though they’re noted in my training, demanded of me and required to make sure I prevent injury and maximize my gains.  I KNOW better and I need to start practicing what I preach. Having been very overweight at one point in my life, I feel that I overtrain because I have a fear of being what I was.  I have to trust myself and know that I wouldn’t let myself slide back into old habits and awful eating.  If I don’t take the time to rest my body and mind, I know I’ll end up being forced to take extended breaks from something that I love, and I can’t risk that. I won’t.

So here it is…my commitment to…well do nothing! I’m going to be taking the rest of the week off weight training to build my motivation back to 150%, rest my body, eat clean and healthy and catch up on things I’ve been putting off over the last little while.

I’m going to be keeping notes on how my days are going and how I feel both mentally and physically while taking time off :)

Thanks for the support I know you’ll all give me, as this is definitely something that I haven’t done in quite some time…close to years, so you can imagine how difficult this may be – even as simple as it might seem to some :)

Much love…


Henry Dijk – 5 Weeks to go…

July 25th, 2011
Last week Ryan was in town so I caught a workout with him. First let me say that Ryan looks amazing and is as big as a house. I feel like a little kid standing beside him and I’m 225 close to contest shape. I thank the lord every day that I don’t have to compete against him caused I’d get squashed like a little bug. Ah sometimes being 50+ has it’s advantages.
Well I’m going to rest now as it’s only 5 weeks to show time and I have anther long hard week to get through..

Anyhow, the delt workout I did with him was unreal! I’m not going to get into details on the workout, you’ll have to train with Ryan to find out but all I can say the lbs. were light yet the workout was so intense that I couldn’t raise my arms. I learned some new training techniques and have incorporated them into my workouts. I am very tired today as I worked 72 hrs this week! Thank god for my wife Darlene who has been very supportive and cooks all my meals. I’m happy with what Ryan is doing with me and is the only person I trust to train me. I have to say I know I work and train hard but without Darlene or Ryan in my corner none of this would be possible so I take my hat off to both of them and give you two a very big thank you.

11 weeks and counting

July 24th, 2011


Wow time is just flying by!  I remember when it was 20 something weeks out and I was saying how close it was then.  11 weeks.. .that’s 11 more back days chest shoulder and arm days. As for legs, I hit twice per week so I have 22 of those bad boys left. 

I’m happy with the way things are tightening up this week… I have seen major changes in the way that I look and how much harder i am. Veins are coming out on the legs and I am getting even more vascular in the upper body so this is great on the ego.

My weight hasn’t moved too much, I’m still in the low 260’s in the am and seem to hold the weight not to bad during the day. Water is dropping as I have upped my water intake and cut back a bit more on the diet drinks and crystal light.

Training, believe it or not is right on.  In fact I’m getting stronger as the weeks go on which is a nice twist on things as most of the time with contest prepping it seems to go down.  For the last ten weeks out I will be acquiring the help of a trainer named Marc from Progym who will help motivate and push me. It comes with a price tag that is very reasonable and well worth it. I know he will make me work. I will meet him 5 days a week at 1pm. Read more…

George Fountas – 17 weeks out

July 18th, 2011

I just finished my last meal and tonight I’m sitting 17 weeks and 1 day out from my first  bodybuilding competition.

It was one of those things that when I started lifting at a fragile 135lbs , I would never have imagined doing. But once I got bit by the bodybuildinging bug it was my dream to step onstage no matter what. Currently I’m 195+ at 11% body fat patiently waiting to start my official contest prep diet at 16wks out.

Training is never a problem  as I love it so much and every workout is intense and focused, even with an injured wrist I manage to kill it.. The diet… is pretty much a diet! Lots of carbs and protein which I do manage to get in (despite what the boss thinks ;) )

Now the real obstacle is being a single 19yr old  living in a 24/7 party city like Montreal. Telling your friends and potential dates you just met that you can’t come out cause  I want to “rest” is never easy.  Anyone outside the bodybuilding world will never understand why you don’t want shots, why you leave the party early, and why youre not having ice cream. But just like Ryan told me the other day (after lending me the Jay Cutler DVD) you have to LIVE the lifestyle and DO what others don’t. So if I want to win this thing I have prove it and “get my mind right”.

I’ll keep you guys updated with my journey to coupeProgym. Remember… you can have results or you can excuses. You can’t have both.

12 weeks out

July 17th, 2011

Well i have hit the 12 week mark and feeling not to bad… the stresses of being away from home and my usual routine however is a bit high but im doing my best to get all my workouts in and keeping every meal clean…. im staying with my mom so its been easy to get the meals prepared as she helps with having the chicken cooked for me just like my “BABY” does for me back home J … i also went out to buy a 6-pack lunch kit to kart all my meals around every day which is perfect . if you don’t yet have one you should really look in to it… its a big lunch kit and takes up more room than just tossing your meals into a safeway bag but organization is key to keeping yourself on track so its worth it for sure..

As for training this week i have been going to Assinaboine Athletic  Club in the Fort Gary Place as well as Goodlife fitness.  Although the machines are different than what im now used to i still manage to keep the same workout schedule… just changing the workout slightly. Intensity isn’t what it is back home but im still pleased with the weights that i am using and the pumps…  every time i come to Winnipeg i find myself engaged in conversation which for me is a very rare occurrence in Montreal. I guess maybe its because back home i don’t speak a word of French haha but when i stomp into a gym in Winnipeg there are always the familiar faces whom i haven’t seen in a while, and all want to know how Quebec life is and how Barbara ( my beautiful loving girlfriend )and the Baby (Mabella 16 months) are doing …  What shows im competing in this coming year and if i have any new tricks or have found the magic workout or supplement to make you massive yet LOL.

Read more…

Bye bye carbs…1 week down

July 16th, 2011

Monday marked day 1 of the new diet…

It’s been 5 days since my carbs have been dropped down to 1/3 cup oatmeal with meal one – less than half of my daily amount from the week prior.  So far I’m feeling great still…I haven’t experienced more brain dead moments than usual such as locking myself out, trying to get into the wrong car, or forgetting to plug my straightener in and freaking out when I think I broke it.

This phase usually kicks in after about 3 weeks of low carb dieting, so stay tuned for some interesting stories, they’re known to be good.  My training is 110% and I couldn’t be happier with my strength gains and workouts.  My energy is high, I’m lifting, pushing, pulling and squatting more than ever too.

For those that haven’t had the chance to read any of my other pre-show blogs, here’s a quick bio – My September show will be my 5th bikini competition so I’m no stranger to the stage.  I’ve been training with Ryan for 3 years now and couldn’t be happier…I began writing as a way to vent and clear my head while I was training for my first show and kept it up to compare how I felt at the same stage out from each successive show.  I found it to be a great way to measure where I was previously compared to my current stage and to also reassure myself that I was on pace to where I needed to be at that point in time.  Not too long after I started I found out that I had a little bit of a fan base so I just kept blogging and have come to absolutely LOVE it! It gives me the chance to vent, and also help others understand what it really is like to go through what we do on a daily basis. Read more…

Vegas or bust…9 weeks out!

July 14th, 2011

This Friday marks my official 9 weeks out date! 63 days until I hit the stage with the other gorgeous women of Winnipeg and North America.  Last year 3 of us from Winnipeg did the show and this time around the number of  fine fitness ladies representing Canada have more than tripled! I absolutely CANNOT wait to hit the stage with the bikini babes I have come to admire, respect and love so much! It really makes all the difference to be up there with truly supportive competitors and friends that push, motivate, and congratulate you on your months of hard work…not to mention celebrate with you – in VEGAS!

When I started training to compete I’ll admit I was rather intimidated by the ladies that had already made their debuts, travelled across Canada and set their eyes on their dreams and pro cards.  They had all the attributes (and ASSets, none the less) that I admired and wanted for myself.  I’m usually not the type to hold back but I was scared of being judged.  It wasn’t long before I came to see that this was actually quite the opposite of what my road into the fitness industry would be like.

With every competitive sport I played growing up, came the competitive attitude and natural dislike of your competing team.  The other team was always seen as the “enemy” or one to be defeated.  Each game, tournament and championship was either win or lose and there were always bragging rights as an unofficial reward.

Training to compete is a 24 hour a day commitment between meals, training, getting enough rest, and timing. I quickly saw that the support I received the most was from those I was to “compete against”.  The ladies in the gym were each others biggest fans, pushing one another and helping each other with tips, tricks, dieting ideas and so much more.

I am incredibly grateful for the support and proverbial kicks to the head that these amazing women have given me, and of course in return I am always there for my girls when they need to vent.  The sportsmanship that comes with this industry is second to none and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to continue competing and training amongst the best!  Always remember that you’re not alone in your journey – use your resources and take time to build relationships with your fellow bodybuilders, bikini gals and gym goers. I guarantee you’ll find yourself even more motivated and pumped up to train!


Traveling To the PEG city 12 ½ weeks out

July 14th, 2011

Today im heading to Winnipeg to go train with Henry and a few other clients this coming week, and i was not looking forward to the flight as i know i always hold water when i fly.

As i look down at my ankles they are surprisingly doing not too bad.  Slight ring around the ankle from where the sock is cutting in but other than that im pleased… let s hope it stays like this till i get off this bird.

I usually take this time to work on programs… BUT since im finished what i need to do (because im that good) here i am writing to you, whoever you may be reading this.

I packed my chicken and rice which i covered in mustard so it looked like a big blob of yellow goop, but was it ever good. I did get a few looks from the flight attendants while i was eating and then of course asked “are you doing a show? How much can you bench” lol got to love those questions…. i do take the time to explain that my sport is not power lifting but about getting as big and proportionate as possible… and then the follow up questions..” do you eat raw eggs?” and “do you eat everything plain and boil your chicken”. Answer, nope I still get to use all my condiments ….actually i don’t ever cut them out. Sodium is a very important part of the diet and if you cut it out too soon or limit it too soon you are asking for trouble. Cramping, lack of power and flatness are all as result of low sodium levels. In fact i still use frozen chicken which is packed in salt before they freeze them bad boys…

I won’t lie this week is going to be a hard one. My Nephew and niece are in from Vancouver and i would like to take them to a movie. Oh the smells at the theatre aren’t they grand…. popcorn and butter…. wow. However i want to win the show this year more then i have ever wanted to win before. So i will be accenting the beautiful smells with the fragrance of chicken and rice in a tupper wear container. As im sure you all have experience at one time or another. It has that faint smell of body gas when you first open it up in case you have forgotten or for some crazy out of this world reason have never smelt it ;)   .  Good thing its dark in there…. maybe people won’t know where that smell is coming from>>>> wish full thinking hey. Because we all know that when there is a funky smell it’s always the big guys who get the blame…. no one ever suspects the compact young innocent looking female who has been eating nothing but eggs chicken and broccoli for letting that hellish BOMB go.  But that’s ok im used to it… rolls right off my shoulders and down my back… takes a while to roll all the way off though. Why you ask? You guessed it, cause im that BIG.. haha

Ok well this has kept me busy for a little while i think i will update you all on my travels home when i head back to Montreal Wednesday the 20th  but stay tuned for a training and update blog this Sunday the 17th ..untill then train like the beasts you are and “ GET YOUR MIND RIGHT”

13 weeks out

July 10th, 2011


      Well another week has come and gone, and all that talk of not having to do cardio…well, you guessed it … it has come to an end. Last weekend I took my first step on to a treadmill in over a year and let me tell you, it’s not like putting on that nice broken in jacket – nor does it have that familiar feeling like when you return home to your parents where you grew up all those years as a child. 

Twenty minutes at an incline set at 4 is all it took to break a sweat and to set my legs and lungs on fire!  (I have to do this how many times a week?)  I guess its payback for all the hours of cardio I’ve handed out to clients this year…karma? Nah!  There is no such thing…. but don’t get me started on that topic.

So 13 weeks out and I have just finished my second leg day of the week. It was definitely a good one.  My legs feel pumped and full.  Front squats, lunges and leg press were some of the highlights. Sunday the 10th of July will be my rest day – well not really cause I still have to do my cardio as i don’t do any on my leg days since I’m already there long enough and twice a day on those days…

The cravings this week have been getting a little bit worse.  I find myself eating those ice breakers sugar free candies… and wow talk about bloating from those bad boys!  I think I will just have to tough it out cause I hate that feeling…

I see my trainer this Monday and we will figure out if I am to go down in carbs to try and get me as lean as I can as early as we can do it. I’m still eating the 300g of carbs on training days and down to 100g on non training days. It’s keeping me full and I actually started to go up a bit in weight.  I’m 267 in the evenings and 263 first thing in the morning. I would say this is the best I have ever looked at this weight and for this far out.

Falling asleep as I write this…been drained lately and I have had some really good sleeps…I must be growing!

Not sure how many people out there are reading this, but if there is a topic you would like me to cover or a question about how I do something feel free to comment and I will add it in one of my upcoming blogs.

Keep training hard everyone….

Hanry Dijk – 8 weeks and counting…

July 10th, 2011

After checking in with our Grand Master Henry this week, this is what he had to say…

Well another week of training and dieting down and only 8 more to go.

This week went well with both the diet and training intensity. My strength levels were good considering the low carbs that I’m on. I try to go as heavy as I can for 12 to 15 reps but still maintain focus on the muscle being worked. Remember, bodybuilding is not about how much you lift but rather how hard you make the muscle work. I’m still working 12 hours per day but might have to cut back on hours as show gets closer.

My condition at this point is decent but my hamstrings and glutes are still on the soft side. I know I’m ready once I have striations on the old glutes. I’m hoping to do well this year but my main objective is to be in better shape than last year.  If I can achieve this then no matter how I place I’m still a winner. I’m just glad I don’t have to compete against guys like Ryan but just against guys 50 to 60. Well, I’ll see you all next week and keep training hard.